Center of Excellence

How a Center of Excellence (CoE) can help you Simplify & Transform your Business into Digital

Maximize the business value of IT investments by delivering high quality IT solutions that enable time-to-market & total cost of ownership reduction!

The Joyn Centre of Excellence (CoE) supports complex transformation programs in companies around the globe. The CoE now holds 6 dedicated Competences, leveraging technology projects together with business knowledge, soft skills, PMO and User Experience, in an environment of continuous learning and certification.


A CoE bets on highly specialized Squads that, through the simplification of processes, guarantee the adequate flexibility that lead to successful projects. Those teams have both technological knowledge and experience together with business skills and industry knowledge, ensuring process agility and optimizing expertise.

A CoE is a structured set of Resources (Human and Material), Methodologies, Processes and Technologies that follow a strategic plan with well-defined phases and objectives, similar to a traditional factory. It uses agile and flexible methodologies, together with best practices regarding business analysis and requirements, development, testing, quality, security and maintenance of information systems to deliver one or more IT projects to their clients, helping them to improve their business process performance.

CoE’s management processes promote a clear vision of IT projects, associated costs, time and resources, which, along with the impact on business, allow customers using BSF to make the right decisions in the right moments.


  • Academy program with soft skills, PMO and certifications.
  • Business training: banking, insurance, telecoms, retail.
    UI & UX experts that deliver Design Thinking methodologies.
  • Automation & Robotization discipline to increase business performance.
  • OutSystems Low Code leader Squads for Fast Delivery on Mobile Apps and web solutions.
  • Angular & React experts.
  • Security & OWASP experts.

Teams with technological and business knowledge

Process agility and optimizing expertise allocation optimization

Full project and process visibility and control by the customer

Investment tailored to customer business needs

High competence, commitment and market experienc

Factory dimension and competencies adjusted to client and project needs


All organizations that wish to delegate one or more IT projects, from the Business Case and Requirements Analysis to the delivery and subsequent maintenance of multi-technology information systems, keeping the quality, cost, risk and time-to-market at the desired levels, using pre-established service level agreements (SLAs).

Based on the provision of a team with the right and balanced expertise that ensure a continuous alignment between business and IT areas, CoE help to plan the best approach to deliver projects with the highest quality in order to meet the desired ROI for the business.



The newly formed CoE did indeed deliver several benefits to the organization. For example, by centralizing governance, the CoE allowed the organization to share best practices and successes across the organization rather than each group having to go it alone. This formal collaboration spread the program benefits across the organization and helped fulfill the two main drivers of improving the value the CRM program delivers to the business and achieving economies of scale.

In terms of value, the CoE’s formal collaboration allowed the business to get better results and get those results faster, which in turn helped increase adoption. This increased adoption was critical to helping the organization move its program to the next level, as adoption is not just something you can push once and walk away. In order to continue to move your CRM program to the next level, you need to constantly revisit and grow adoption so that people follow best practices, take standard approaches to processes and view the CRM tools as essential elements to doing their jobs, not burdens that slow them down. The newly formed CoE helped the organization achieve this more mature level of adoption by continuing to introduce new capabilities, doing so in a strategic way across the entire organization and increasing the speed of delivery so benefits are realized faster.

The CoE also proved effective in delivering economies of scale to the organization. Specifically, by centralizing program governance and decision-making and encouraging the sharing of best practices across different groups, the CoE made it possible for the organization to scale its program cost effectively rather than replicating efforts, money and resources within each business unit.