The General Policy of Infosistema carries guiding principles and values reflecting an effective commitment of the Board and its employees.

The General Policy of Infosistema tends to be stable, resembling a Constitution, although it can be suitable to make a few adjustments when it is appropriate.

Following that, and because of its own nature, this policy does not imply periodic revisions but will be reviewed whenever it is necessary.

  1. The General Policy of Infosistema is based on the following goals:
  2. Total quality of Infosistema’s products and services. Infosistema’s products and services include the transfer and integration of cutting-edge IT, offering efficient and complete solutions that directly help the business processes of our clients.
  3. Infosistema’s commitment with legal, normative, contractual and organizational requirements’ compliance, belonging to the product and services’ offer to its clients.
  4. Understanding that quality is defined by the clients and not by Infosistema, and consequently that the baseline defining our products and services’ quality is in constant evolution.
  5. High financial returns in the short, medium and long term, having clear conscience that quality and adequacy judgement of our products and services ultimately belongs to the market.
  6. Total satisfaction and development of Infosistema’s employees, in order to retain the best and most competent human resources and to maintain a competitive advantage over our competitors.
  7. High financial return to Infosistema’s shareholders in order to ensure a continuous investment from shareholders and the financial market.
  8. Continuous process improvement, following standards such as ISO 9001 and Six Sigma, contributing to Infosistema’s recognition as a quality leader in the markets it operates

In order to ensure the pursuit of the strategy and general policy, Infosistema relies on several external suppliers, which are evaluated according to key evaluation criteria, namely: supplier performance (delivery deadline, compliance with technical and functional requirements / quality of service and packaging of products); the existence of Certifications; accuracy in billing and relationship practices (response to complaints submitted, ability to respond to contingencies, speed of problem resolution and availability).

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