Case Studies

Inefficiency of the vacations approval mechanisms for the employees


Company: Fujitsu
Sector: TI
Country: Portugal


Absence of an automatic system for holiday marking.


Infosistema proposed a solution based on iFlowBPM platform, modifying internal procedures.

Were developed iFlowBPM processes to:

  • Vacations shedulling with superior approval and validation;
  • Consulting scheduled days by the employee and the managers;
  • Registration of available days by employee;
  • Human resource’s map with scheduled vacations and taken days by each employee.

Fujitsu is a japanese multinational IT supplier to global market with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. This company has approximately 172.000 Vacationsemployees, giving support to clients in 100 countries.

Fujitsu combines a board of IT experts and services with high quality computing products and communication and advanced microelectronics, to deliver added value to customers.

It is the world’s third-largest IT services provider measured by revenues (after IBM and Hewlett-Packard).


In No Global Delivery Center, a Portuguese Fujitsu with hundreds of employees, The need to automate and increase the efficiency of the holiday marking system.

As the hundreds of employees are distributed in several teams, organized in several hierarchical levels, an agile and efficient solution was needed that allowed the adequate control of the marking and validation of vacations throughout the structure.

Main issues

To Infosistema the main challenge was implementing the solution iFlow BPM in just two weeks, the deadline until the next vacation period.

So, it had to be guaranteed in time:

  • Vacation request with superior approval;
  • Knowledge by any manager of the employees vacations (in three hierarchical levels);
  • Scheduling of available days and human resources control (vacations maps).
  • Centralization of all information about employees’ vacations;
  • Quick and simplified access to information by employees and managers;
  • Monitoring current processes;
  • Elimination the possibility of mistakes and information loss by human failure;
  • Operational costs reduction;
  • Solution available in SaaS, rental service, monthly income;
  • Without necessity of end users training.
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