Infosistema establishes partnership with Document Management Software M-Files

July 12, 2017

The consultant now provides a complete package of this innovative document management solution in a Pay as you Go concept

Infosistema, the national reference consultant in the implementation of Information Systems, has just announced the establishment of a partnership with the Software of Document Management M-Files, a robust system, easy to install and maintain, with a strong integration with Windows File Explorer and affordable for most Portuguese companies.

The consultant now provides a complete package, in a Pay as you Go concept, that provides all the necessary parts, from scanners to software, in a monthly income system.

“This way, companies have a Return on Investment from day one, without having to wait months or years to monetize their investments, which is clearly an added value, considering that it is a solution that effectively helps companies to be more efficient and productive in their area of action!" explains Gonçalo Caeiro, co-Founder and Chairman of Infosistema.

Present in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, this innovative system serves businesses with 5 or tens of thousands of users. Designed natively to remove the complexity and cost of deployment associated with Document Managers, M-Files enables all security features as well as seamless access through mobile platforms.

“M-Files also permits companies to be much more protected from Ransomwares, since documents are stored in a database, so you can keep backups and a history of documents, which allows you to revert to saved and older versions." adds Gonçalo Caeiro, co-Founder and Chairman of Infosistema.

It should also be noted that there is no exclusivity regime and that this solution is addressed to all companies, from any sector of activity, for both the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

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