Infosistema at the 3rd Conference on Internet, Business and Social Networks

September 18, 2014

Jorge Pereira coordinates the 3rd Conference on Internet, Business and Social Networks organized by the APDSI


Negocio Redes Sociais

The APDSI (Association for the Promotion and Development of an Information Society) is organizing the 3rd Conference on Internet, Business and Social Networks, having a focus on the theme of “Confidence and Commitment on Digital Channels” on the 29th of September.

The conference’s coordination will be at the responsability of Ramiro Gonçalves (UTAD), Jorge Pereira (CEO Infosistema), Henrique Mamede(Univ. Aberta) and Ricardo Carvalho (Fundação da Juventude)

In this event the analysis of new business models and market opportunities that have appeared on the context of digital business, having as primary focus the acquirement of competitive advantages that result from generated innovation, which can create new opportunities as well as disruptions and new challenges.

This 3rd edition of the conference seeks to give continuance to the previous conferences that happened on May of 2012 and October of 2013, under the themes of “A path towards internationalization” and “Finance, Innovate, Undertake” which have managed to gather a large group of academics, young businessmen and entrepreneurs.

In regard to the theme in discussion, practical cases will be presented about usage and good practices concerning the offers on a web platform for support, new business and e-commerce. Also a debate will be held concerning the role of social networks on digital businesses will held.

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