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Calculate Eastern Mongolia Age

In Eastern Mongolia, age is traditionally determined based on the number of full moons since conception, for girls, and the number of new moons since birth, for boys.

Write a method that, given the date of birth of a person and it’s gender, calculates the age in terms of Eastern Mongolia Age.

How to participate?

– You should send your answer to

– Make sure you use this subject line: “JOYN Masterminds: Eastern Mongolia Age“;

– The answer must have a zipped Visual Studio Solution (attach a zipped file);

– Inside the solution there must be a Console application that receives a date in the format dd-MM-yyy and a gender (M or F) and prints the result. i.e.: calculateEMAge.exe 18-12-1978 M;

– All code must be in c#;

– Come back regularly to see our Leaderboard.

Terms & Conditions:

– You should have at least 2 years coding experience

– We will have a total of 3 similar challenges running until the end of the year. By then, we will announce the winner of the wider mastermind challenge

– The person with the best aggregated score will win a set of wireless headphones!

Have fun!