What’s the magic behind Infosistema DMM data migration across OutSystems DB catalogs?

Infosistema DMM magic

In some OutSystems installation scenarios, the database catalog where entity information is placed is not the same one where OutSystems meta information is. In these situations, Infosistema DMM needs to discover where the entity physical table is in order to produce its execution plan and commands.

The proper way to do it is to look into the OutSystems meta model. That’s exactly what Infosistema DMM does.

OutSystems Meta Model deep dive

After getting a pointer to the entity and respective eSpace in the OSSYS_ENTITY and OSSYS_ESPACE tables, the DBCatalog_Id column in the OSSYS_ESPACE table will have a FK to the OSSYS_DBCATALOG table.

In environments that use more than one catalog this table will tell us the name of the other catalog that should be used as a prefix in all subsequent queries or commands against the pretended entity.



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