Data Migration Manager

Why do you need DMM?

Did you upgrade servers, migrate apps but now you need to migrate the data?

Need to migrate data from the Qual to Prod Environment to populate lookup data?

Need to migrate from Prod to Qual to replicate situations that need fixing?

With DMM you reduce costs by saving hundreds of hours building custom scripts, increase quality and allow unprecedented flexibility in managing your data.

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Return on Investment

This is the most common and unpleasant pitfall a costumer will encounter. It appears because the human mind is not prepared for exponential prediction.

Infosistema DMM’s cost grows linearlly with the complexity and it can be even cheaper if you take in account that you can further reduce the complexity by breaking the migration in smaller logical chunks.

DMM is ready for all migration scenarios between OutSystems Environments

During a migration where those tables are referenced, a first step will move non-existing records from the source into the destination and map their respective ids to be used during the entities migration. Infosistema DMM will only INSERT in the destination environment records not present and will not UPDATE or DELETE existing records on these tables.

For all the remaining OSSYS_ tables, Infosistema DMM only needs READ permissions.

“ We needed to start deploying new applications for mobile that were not compatible with the OutSystems environment we had installed. The ability to migrate all entity data in such a short time window was a critical success factor for choosing DMM in Joyn Group ” – Sérgio Pereira, OutSystems Manager

Making Data Migration Easier

Data migration component between different environments. Allows the selection of multiple entities in the migration process through a dynamic selection screen.

The configuration of the migration process is made by direct connection of databases or Excel format.

Resolution of data inconsistency issues that usually occurs in direct migrations (related tables – foreign key, differences in physical names of tables between different databases).

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