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Infosistema offers know-how to define and implement a SOA / Governance model and analyze, one by one, each organization. Thus is possible the alignment of objectives with the decision structure and risk control mechanisms with the strategy of each organization.



Define, implement and maintain a sound SOA governance based on a maturity model approach


Define and design a SOA strategy



Development of SOA services


Resource Augmentation

For companies looking for expanding temporarily SOA teams

80% of SOA initiatives do not fulfil the objectives initially proposed for lack of a Governance model.

During the implementation of a SOA system (Service Oriented Architecture) is essential the definition of a tailored Governance model, enabling a correct structure for decision making, defining:

  • What are the decisions to be taken and in which way are made
  • Who decide
  • In which way is the services architecture aligned with the business strategy
  • What are the risks according to those decisions

Therefore is possible to take the maximum profit of the benefits associated with the development of service oriented architecture and ensure the success of the project.


Agility in the organization's growth, reducing the time-to-market, expanding its innovation potential and facilitating the creation of new partnerships and channels;

Increase of operational efficiency and liaison between technical areas;

Higher quality of products and services delivered, along with a risk reduction;

Reuse of services, being this only possible when there is a correct identification, maintenance, and inventory thereof.

iFlowBPM – Process management component

Infosistema SOA Governance solution based on a workflow solution (iFlowBPM) connected to a repository that can manage the cycle of services - supported by a Governance model well defined.

Maturity Analysis

The purpose of the maturity analysis is to assess the current state of each of the organization's aspects in order to take full advantage of the benefits of implementing SOA architecture.

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SOA/Governance Components:

  • Enterprise Service Bus - Communication management tool between services
  • Enterprise Repository – Tool for inventory of all services and applications
  • Process Management Component – solution of workflow services management
  • Governance – Framework for SOA initiatives management and decision-making
  • Maturity Analysis - constant alignment between the system architecture and the organization's strategy

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