Audit Register allows the registry of all information on record creation or record changes in your corporate applications.

It has a fundamental role for compliance and auditing purposes.

Do you have Regulatory processes that require #Audit demonstrability? (ex: GDPR)

Do you have Performance sensitive processes that require Auditing?

Solve the Auditing pain with this easy to use generic component to perform auditing creation activity.


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  • Easy to Use reducing developer effort on the auditing activity;
  • Reduces cost by abstracting auditing complexity from the developer;
  • Solves the Label vS Key related entity presentation concern;
  • Easy integration using REST API;
  • Increases Login security assessment.

Business Case

  • Any process that holds the need to have record and/or process auditing;
  • Regulatory processes and processes that require Audit demonstrability (ex: GDPR);
  • Performance sensitive processes that still require Auditing – Taking advantage of the Assynchronous feature.


  • Synchronous and Asynchronous audit creation;
  • Separate audit control for Login;
  • Allows simple (user message) or complex (comparison between records) message;
  • Presentation of complex records in two formats, unique message or message for each changed field;
  • Definition and presentation in the audit log of related entities (Foreign Key) attributes instead of its code (Primary Key);
  • Audit listing, with filters, thru webservices;
  • Audit creation thru webservices;
  • Screens with the list and filters or reusable blocks to use inside your application keeping the styleguide;

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