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Infosistema Can Help

Time since the enforcement of the GDPR.

Is your company compliant?


The GDPR is the new European data protection regulation which came into full effect on 25th May 2018 and requires companies to deploy tools to control and handle specific procedures of client and employee data protection management.


The GDPR applies to all national organizations, both public and private, that process data of EU citizens, and all those in breach of this directive may be fined up to €20 Million or 4% of their annual global turnover.

What you should know

  • The GDPR is already in full effect as of may 2018. Your organization must be in conformity with it.
  • The aim of the GDPR is to “harmonize” data protection legislation across all Europe and to eliminate the differences between EU legal systems;
  • According to the GDPR “personal data” is all information that, directly or indirectly, allows to identify an individual.
  • The IP addresses, location data and other aspects that may identify a person are encompassed by the GDPR;
  • The regulation is supported by a self-regulated model, leaving the responsibility of interpretation and operationalization to the individual organizations.
  • A correct application of the GDPR may require nominating a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and appointing a team with technical and legal know-how about the new regulation.

The GDPR gives citizens the power to:

  • Access and control their personal data more easily
  • Transfer their personal data to another service provider
  • Erase their personal data, i.e., have the right to be forgotten
  • Know if their personal information has been affected by any data breach

Infosistema Can Help

The EU GDPR focuses on the relevance of personal data protection as a core issue in the management of organizations. Therefore, the preparation of a corporate governance model that will help adopt and comply with all recommendations and demands (such as policies, accountability frameworks, monitoring and control processes and mechanisms) is vital.

Support the development of a corporate governance model

Perform the integrity assessment

Provide support for the development of necessary Policies, Processes, and Procedures

Support the identification of operational risks

Audit the existing information systems

Assess service providers’ GDPR compliance

Define the business and functional requirements for the monitoring and control system

Support the program management in a GDPR deployment and adoption project

Support the updating of internal manuals and plans

Implement technological solutions to meet the requirements

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Our solutions

GDPR Solution Flow is a technological support platform. Based on a standardized process model to ensure compliance. With GDPR, resources sensitization, security measures implementation as well as risk detection and treatment.

M-Files GDPR

M-Files GDPR is a secure and tailored solution for data management. That allows organizations to identify, organize, authorize, notify and comply with GDPR requirements.

M-Files GDPR

GDPR Training

As a methodology to support the application of GDPR, we plan and execute training actions and workshops, but also provide quick reference materials that help organizations guarantee the success in the adaptation to the regulation.

Access our RGPD training and awareness program here →

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