ChallengeDay Infosistema at FCT

challengeday infosistema

Infosistema challenges FCT students for another ChallengeDay Infosistema!

On the 18th of May, the FCT – Faculty of Science and Technology (Monte da Caparica) will host another edition of ChallengeDay with the support of NEEC FCT!

The ChallengeDay is an event promoted by Infosistema in order to challenge students to solve real cases allowing the business contact by students.
Thus the Infosistema reinforces its commitment to the labor market for young Portuguese talents, and presenting real challenges in order to give the opportunity and experience to all students who accepted the challenge.

The event will consist in the presentation of a real case suggested by Infosistema, followed by a period of resolution where students will have to formulate the best response to the proposed problem, making then the presentation of a 3 minutes pitch.
The most agile solution will be awarded and its proponents declared winners with the award of a prize offered by Infosistema.

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