Contracts and Invoice Management

The Contracts and Invoice Management Solution enables an efficient management of utilities contracts providers (electricity, gas, water and telecommunications), allowing an easily identify of gaps and reducing costs with these charges.

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Control and costs reduction

Ability to monitor all the consumption and costs at every moment, and respective billing in accordance with the agreed rate, allowing the implementation of significant savings measures and detection of consumption deviations.


Improving operational capability through efficient and automated process management.


Evolution and scalability of the solution according to the company’s needs.


Log and comparison of consumptions in real time and in different locations with detection of unusual deviations and values.

Reports of consumptions evolution and billing with comparative consumption rankings among the various organizational units or cost centers.

Selection of the appropriate rate, comparing actual costs between different rates and simulating changes and values of consumption.

Validation of the proper application of multiple contracts from different vendors in their respective local consumption.

Validation of invoices, ensuring consistency between rates, values of consumption and places.

Registration and validation of invoices and adaptability of the solution to the changes from suppliers.

Definition of comparative metrics between the several consumption points.

Collection of the consumption values of each place and centralization of the data consolidated.

Alerts sending to the heads of organizational units or cost centers to effect the collection of the consumed values.

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