Will search the contacts on web

Do you want to build your miners? We are now opening our framework to the world.

Just send us a request to access the framework or to provide your precious feedback to email crobot

How many times did you need to find that company or person just to find yourself overloaded with information?

And when you somehow manage all that information, how many times did you find it to not be reliable or outdated?

Our goal is to help anyone quickly find information curated by our CRobot. He will use best of breed AI algorithms to search the internet so you do not have to!

CRobot Search

Alpha Version


Available only for Windows

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“It is amazing how fast it finds information on some company. The amount of time it saved allowed me to focus on my goals.“

Eduardo Poças – Infosistema

How to use



You just need to download the installer and execute it.


Search  companies

Check one or more filtering options to find the companies you need.


Download results

Obtain an Excel file with the most current information on the companies found.

Continuous Evolution

Even if CRobot is not able to find a curated result, he will search the web for a new one, enriching its knowledge as you go.