Agents and Brokers


Insurance Agents and Brokers play an important role in the insurance ecosystem.

Insurance Agents represent one (exclusive) or more (non-exclusive) insurance companies. Their responsibility is to represent the insurance company in the insurance selling transaction while helping customers find the right coverage.

Insurance Brokers represent consumers in their search for coverage and may sell policies from multiple insurance companies in exchange for a commission. Brokers’ focus is the insured customer, examining customer’s needs and finding the right policy and price by engaging with different insurers. Brokers do not represent insurance companies, meaning that they rely on insurers and insurance agents to complete the transaction on behalf of their customers.

As happens in other industries, customers expect a multi-channel, frictionless digital experience from quoting and contracting to policy and claims management. Hence, Agents and Brokers, together with insurance companies or independently, must prioritize building and delivering multiple digital interfaces (Desktop/Web, Mobile, Chatbot) that consistently and coherently support the customer journey and the integration with insurers.


Agent and Broker engagement

Insurance service providers are critical to claims processes and many times impact, positively or negatively, customer satisfaction. Engagement with agents and brokers through Portals, Apps, Chatbots and API that are tightly integrated lead to higher levels of satisfaction from customers, agents and brokers. Online quoting tools, policy contracting and renewals management, commissions management, communication tools, and goal achievements are some of important requirements that need to be incorporated in Agent and Broker Portals, Apps, Chatbots and APIs.

  • Portal
  • Mobile
  • Chatbot
  • Low-code
  • API
  • Web services
Insurance Workflows

To manage their own business and operations, insurance agents and brokers need tools that ensure smooth insurance processes and workflows that guarantee consistency and transparency, by integrating all the relevant data with internal and external systems, sharing it with the appropriate stakeholders, manage decisions and delegate actions according to roles and responsibilities.

  • Workflow
  • Mobile
  • Low-code
  • Automation
  • API
Document Extraction | Data Capture

Automate the handling of the essential documents used in insurance projects by automatically classify, extract relevant data, and integrate that data with workflows and systems.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Low-code
Simplified Payment Integrations

Improve Customer experience by offering any payment methods instantly based on customized rules related to insurance products, insurance premiums and distribution channels.

  • Payments
  • Automation
  • Compliance


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