The Agent Portal aims to ensure the availability of the necessary features for Agents to carry out the management of its customer's portfolio/policies with the Insurance Company.

Agent Portal

The set of features and its scope depend largely on the level of involvement of the specific Agent with the Company and the relations policy defined by it.

For that reason Agent profiles are often differentiated, by available modules, according to their relationship with the Company. The Portal is a Web based tool Portal that is why it has a very strong concern with Usability, Ergonomics, and Performance, in order to improve the user experience.

According to each company own capacity, there is a possibility of direct integration of information between Agent and Company, in order to minimize the potential for error and increase the data synchronization. The Portal is developed on a technology that allows a very simple and quick direct integration.

This sort of Portals is natively prepared to adapt to iPad and can be quickly adapt to smartphone format.

The main modules and functionalities associated with the Portal and available in this offer are:

Intends to provide the Agent with the ability to quickly gain access to information in the Company concerning its customers, policies, claims processes and receipts. The Agent often represents the Company to the final customer, so it is critical for them to gains access to all the procedural information of their customers in a very complete and fast manner.

In this module it is also possibly to engage on Continuity Management (the already existing accounts). This is possible by querying the customer receipts/policies that will be created in the next processing. Doing so the Agent can decide (according to the customer’s information) how he should manage the relationship with the client, to ensure the customer’s continuity.

1.1 Customer Management
1.2 Policy Management
1.3 Claims Management
1.4 Receipts Management

In the selling process – taking into account the wide range of products that an insurer typically offers – it is extremely critical that the Agent quickly obtains all the information about the products available, their general and special conditions, the different types and sorts of combined products available. In addition to this information, the Agent can make product simulations directly in the portal with the effective offer conditions, allowing the Agent to perform the selling process end-to-end (that is often critical to ensure the transaction).

This module enables ad-hoc quotation requests by operating income, set of specific products, additional coverages, available combined offers, etc.

2.1 Product Management
2.2 Product Packages
2.3 Product Simulators

Since the Agent is often the only point of contact of the final customer in most cases the monetary transactions involves him. By so the capacity to identify directly in the portal all the transactions and values (that must be exchanged between the Agent and the Company) simplifies the entire process of reconciliation of receipts, commissions and claims funds. The necessary monetary exchanges between the Agent and the Company are also simplified are turned more efficient.

3.1 Accounting Management
3.2 Reconciliation of Receipts, Commissions, and Claim funds.

is one of the main commercial channels, in which Companies tend to offer as much information as possible to facilitate the search and the closing of more deals, by the Agent. This module includes management information that will allow the Agent to define ways of action or potential customers more effectively (Cross-selling / Up-selling). In this module the Agent may also clearly understand, which targets agreed with the Company and its performance up-to-date, in order to ensure better coordination with the Company’s expectations.

4.1 Business Indicators
4.2 Agent’s Annual Objectives
4.3 Cross-selling / Up-selling

The relationship between the Agent and the Company has a dynamic component, in order to find the most effective way to approach the market. For this purpose Contests are often conducted usually to meet Sales and Campaign targets for the final customer, provided by the Agent. This module provides the Agent with the ability to become familiar with the conditions and present the state of these Campaigns and Contests, which may influence his commercial focus.

5.1 Contests Management
5.2 Campaigns Management

This Portal includes cross-sectional information concerning Insurance, customer data, commercial, financial, etc… There is the possibility to differentiate users according to Profiles and access permissions. To ensure that there is no risk of leakage or contamination of sensitive information.

The Portal also has a notifications management component, which allows you to manage the presentation and information in the notifications to be performed, whether for customers, the Agent or the Company.
In order to ensure that the Agent has at his disposal the largest number of tools to facilitate his daily life, the Portal provides the ability to perform Scheduling management, whether operating Alerts (deadlines for receipts, claims, customer birthdays, etc…) or ad-hoc Events introduced by the Agent himself.

6.1 Profiles and Access Management
6.2 Notifications Management
6.3 Management of Alerts, Highlights, Messages
6.4 Scheduled Events Management
6.5 Operational Aid Management: Contextual and Specific

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