Joyn Group Timeline

A project timeline is a method at the heart of every project in business, as it captures what the project will accomplish and how it will be done.

We thought fit to accommodate the timeline of the development of the JOYN group and of the member companies.



February 14


Our story begins here!


Infosistema provides business and technology consulting services for Banking, Insurance, Industry and Services sectors, focused on Digital Transformation with Systems of Engagement, Integration & Advanced Analytics.


September 24


U First. IT and Consultancy focused on you.


Uniksystem provides business and technology consulting services for Public and Private sectors, mainly around financial, inventory/asset and HR management and process optimization.


December 6


Startup‘s accelerator in Portugal. Goals:

– Fintech & Medtech Startup’s accelerator;
– Joyn SGPS individual partners hold 60% of the share capital.


September 24


Greenlynx is a joint-venture between Infosistema and Bigcore, a Spanish company, for the Spanish market.

November 3


Helping our customers to grow!


Growin (GrowinInsights) provides specialized IT Outsourcing services (IT contracting).

December 15

Infosistema UK

Infosistema subsidiary for UK market.


November 9

JOYN Group

Focused on mastering business and delivering value.


Creation date of Joyn Group.


January 21


Criam (CriamKnowledge) is a startup focused on biotechnology, with patented clinical analysis method.

– Won Microsoft’s Innovation Cup prize;
– Was the first Portuguese company to be accepted by the HAX program, the world’s largest hardware accelerator.

March 5

Growin – Great Place to Work Prize

1º Prize received from Great Place to Work.

April 1


Creation of InsightsInnovation, witch switched it’s name to Growin Innovation, and is now the current Foreteller.

October 14

Growin UK

Growin Insights subsidiary for UK market.

October 26


We are restructuring the world’s information


Odysai (officially named Intelligent Morphing Portals) has 2 products:

– DocDigitizer, a solution that uses AI to automate document analysis, extracting and structuring the most relevant data from documents;
– Morphing Portals allows the customization and optimization of portals in real-time according to the visitor’s profile.

October 27


Foreteller (InsightsInnovation) provides Service Design and Design Thinking services.

November 21

Uniksystem – New technological platform

IFlowBPM ™ product integration and the entire team, with dedicated Únikos that enhance the quality of Unik services.

November 30


HelpMe provides BPO services focused on F&A, HR, Legal & IT processes to Joyn companies and external companies.


February 15

GrowinGroup SGPS

Holding for Growin companies.

April 1

Growin – Great Place to Work Prize

2º Prize received from Great Place to Work.

April 17


Fyld (MainFyld) provides specialized IT Outsourcing services (IT contracting), similar to Growin with a different brand.

July 3

Nearshore Growin

Creation of Nearshore Growin.

August 14

JOYN Ventures Fund

Investment Fund registered in CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission).


January 15

Legality & Compliance Consolidation

Strong demand for Uniksystem RGPD services, demonstrating competence and professionalism in supporting companies and institutions.

March 2

Growin – Great Place to Work Prize

3º Prize received from Great Place to Work.

March 21

Infosistema Inc.

November 2

Infosistema Azores

Infosistema subsidiary in Azores.


March 1

Growin – Great Place to Work Prize

4th Prize received from Great Place to Work.

March 1


Electric mobility. Giving power to your energy, for a better world.


Our brand Evolut aims to change the world’s carbon footprint by providing renewable energy solutions to urban mobility, one charging station for electrical cars at a time. It won’t be long before vehicles will fly, powered only by the sun.

May 9


We Help Enterprises Build a New Digital Future


Theros delivers enterprise IT solutions using OutSystems low-code platform

September 9


Odysai changed its name to DocDigitizer


July 24

Green Evolut

Green Evolut creation

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