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Mútua dos Pescadores ensures better management information with QlikView

Project Summary
Mútua dos Pescadores

Mútua dos Pescadores is an insurance company which started its activity in 1942 in the fishing sector and became the largest Portuguese Association of the maritime industry, with approximately 16,000 associates, 50 employees and is present across the Continent, Madeira, Azores and France.




Experts and leaders in insurances for the fishing sector

Geographical scope


  • Systematic monitoring of management indicators.
  • Broadened commercial and accident control information.

Adoption of QlikView to measure efficiency indicators of internal processes, accidents, cross selling and customer loyalty with the Strategic Management Committee, Commercial Management, Collection Management and Information Systems Management

  • Greater and improved management information.
  • Simplicity and intuitiveness in information analysis.
  • Availability of dynamic information.
  • Faster access to information.
Data Source Systems
  • Insurance Management System with IBM DB2 database




QlikView has enabled us to make a much more precise and systematic follow-up of management indicators and broaden commercial and accident control information.

Engineer Luís Gomes, Director of Information Systems

Mútua dos Pescadores – Mútua de Seguros, C.R.L. – has always focused on insurances for the fishing sector. It leads the professional fishing sector with over 50% of market share in marine hull and in personal and work accidents. It also holds a market share of 12% in the recreational navigation area, which was achieved in only 10 years. The insurance company became a Cooperative in 2004, deepening its mutualistic character and becoming the first Portuguese Insurance Cooperative.

Mútua dos Pescadores is increasingly ambitious and more comprehensive and has not stopped. It has been expanding its area of intervention to other branches focused on riverside communities and nautical leisure activities. Currently, Mútua dos Pescadores has a strong and growing position in the recreational navigation and maritime-tourism companies market. It created specific insurances for these sectors and offers strong guarantees and great advantages to its subscribers.

In 2010 Mútua dos Pescadores reached a sales volume of 10 million euros and has 50 employees across the Continent, Azores, Madeira and France. Counting a total of 12,000 associates.

Challenge: analyze key indicators of the new management model

After having started an experiment in decision support systems for the analysis of business data in 2008, it was felt that there was a gap in effective presentation. Luís Gomes, Director of Information Systems of Mútua dos Pescadores saw in 2010, with the adoption of the Balance Scorecard management model, the opportunity to optimize this system. “I spoke with our partner Infosistema on the need to have the main indicators of the Balance Scorecard in detail with dashboards enabling an analysis of the different areas of management information. They immediately suggested QlikView due to best price/quality ratio offered”, said the person responsible.

Better management information in a short period of time

The project started at the end of 2010 by a team composed of elements of Mútua dos Pescadores, Infosistema and QlikTech and begun by analyzing the indicators related to efficiency of internal processes, accidents, cross selling and customer loyalty, which were previously identified and documented. According to Luís Gomes, “the development of the initial version of QlikView dashboards with indicators mentioned above, now including data extraction and processing, involved a significant effort of about a week and was completed in two weeks, in early 2011″.

This phase allowed to generate management information for the Strategic Management Committee, Commercial Management, Collection Management and Information Systems Management. “We started relying on management in these areas based on dynamic information, with a temporal perspective and as a means to control the quality of the information,” explains Luís Gomes.

The simplicity and intuitiveness of QlikView proved to be a great asset and allowed “a student of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, who participated in an internship in the Information Systems Department, to develop several internal applications based on QlikView. It was essential to have this internal know-how of direct development of applications on the tool and QlikView allows it with great simplicity”.

More indicators and more users

The next steps for Mútua dos Pescadores begins by broadening monitored key indicators. For Luís Gomes, “the added value of QlikView and its potential leads us to further develop the measurement of loss and collection ratios”.

At the same time, the Strategic Management Committee intends to increase the number of QlikView users. “We want to democratize the access to decision support tools. Not remain in the Organization’s strategic layer, but turn this knowledge into practice”, stresses the senior Manager of the Information Systems Department. In this sense, the current licensing transition from Personal Server to Web Server is being analyzed. This will allow greater geographic flexibility for its users.

Considerations and best practices

Throughout the implementation process Luís Gomes highlighted the key role of the partner Infosistema, being always available and with high know-how, enabling speedy implementation mainly due to adequate training of its users. The existence of an internal specialist in ERP and database management also facilitated the process, through a deep knowledge of the company and its needs. The personal experience in decision support systems and the precise identification of the indicators analyzed before the process started was also essential to the success achieved”.

QlikView gave Mútua dos Pescadores a more objective perspective of the main business indicators.

Engineer Luís Gomes, Director of Information Systems

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