Intelligent Performance Advisor for OutSystems, by Infosistema – a JOYN Group company.

With IPA you get Predictive performance insights so you’re not in firefighter mode!

Real-time performance monitoring and SLA notifications for your OutSystems apps. Get insightful information and root-cause analysis of your apps performance, with both top-down and bottom-up abilities.


Install IPA directly from the OutSystems Forge, just like any other component, for free!

Bundled with the DMM (Data Migration Manager, another of Infosistema’s OutSystems Solutions), just install the component and you get access to both.


Setting up IPA is as simple as configuring a couple timers after the component installation – a 2 minute operation!

SendToAnalyticsTimer will send the anonymized probe information to our secure analytics server.

CheckSLA will validate all the SLAs you’ve configured, and alert you if needed.

Probe deployment

For your OutSystems practices, shops, and developers to use IPA is as simple as referencing the IPA module in their applications and drag & drop IPAProbes into the application flows.

Deploy unlimited probes into your code, name each of them and define which you want to be the beginning or end of transaction flows.

SLA Configuration

Full flexibility in SLA configurations and notifications!

You can defined varied SLA % levels, the time for each level, and attribute different SLA configurations to all your Transaction Flows – without limitations!

Define the SLA analysis frequency, what type of notification you wish to receive (email, endpoint), and gain control of your OutSystems apps performance.

Metrics and usage

Get a top-down view of your apps performance, how it varies along the day or along days of the week, the consistency of your transaction flows and the variance of you core executions.

See graphics of your transaction flow’s executions related to Histogram Transactions Count, Time Deviance, Hour Time Average and Week Day Time Average. And whenever needed, drill all the way down to the specific data points – the information is all in your hands!

IPA Pricing & DMM bundle

IPA is free for most practices, since it is available for free up to 1 million data points/month – no reason not to start using it right away!

And if you are interested in really improving your development capacity, optimizing your resources, avoiding re-coding and reducing production errors, all through getting good, varied & anonymized Production data into your QA environment, we’ve got a special bundle option for you with our DMM product license!