The Account Stick allows you to obtain bank data (balances and movements) automatically and robotically, allowing you to obtain the data without human intervention. It also allows this information to be made available by e-mail to the managers / decision-makers of the companies or CFO, allowing to segment the information shared by type of users.
Allows you to reduce costs with administrative query tasks on internet or mobile banking platforms, in a secure way. The cost reduction in this process, in real cases around 80%
Account Stick

Use Cases

  • Need to access balances or bank account movements across multiple banks / accounts
  • You have I level of effort and resources for accessing each internet banking platform and to consult the balances or movements
  • It is difficult to have aggregated account information to better decide how to decide on payments / transfer operations
  • Need to have financial information (from bank accounts) in a safely, low risk and hight confidentiality method
  • Feel that the time of your resources could be optimized
  • You are under pressure to reduce costs and / or without available time in your back-office teams


  • Eliminate human intervention in the banking process and send internal information by email, thus reducing the human effort involved;
  • Application with fast implementation (time-to-market); Typical: 2h configuration
  • Adoption of robotization technology (RPA) to replace people in repetitive and low complexity tasks, but critical to the organization;
  • Restricted and controlled access to sensitive information.


  • Stand-alone application that generates information in XLS for sending via email / pdf;
  • Existence of a backoffice that allows the configuration of all the options (eg rules to filter, accesses, accounts, recipients);
  • Automatic creation of a file with all the financial information.

Account Stick