Allows instant savings up to 60% for categorizing and archiving financial documents.

DocRouter allows full automation

Identifying, categorizing and classifying financial documents received by email and automatically stored them in the Document Manager, through RPA (Robotic Process Automation). This product significantly decreases the unit cost per activity of receiving, classifying and archiving the documents.

Use Cases

  • Do you receive invoices by email, which require human intervention to process them (e.g. electronic invoice)
  • Is there a need to have people identifying and organizing the different financial documents that you receive in the corporate email address
  • By being integrated in a corporate group with shared financial services, do you feel that the human resources’ time allocation could be optimized if the documents received by email were automatically identified, categorized and archived
  • Is your backoffice team under cost and time pressure


  • Eliminates human intervention in the process of identifying and classifying the document / emails, thus reducing the human effort involved;
  • Application with fast implementation (time-to-market); Typical: 4h
  • Metadata ready for use on other platforms;
  • Full functional solution including integration with Document Manager.


  • Standalone application that generates metadata from document-related information which can be used in an external tool;
  • Existence of a backoffice that manages all the configuration-related options (e.g. filters setup rules; extract and transform; senders; recipient);
  • File automatically created with all the document’s metadata, through a set of heuristics, relative to each document;
  • Evolving effectiveness through DocDigitizer for automatic integration of financial documents into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
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