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Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector BdP

Infosistema was invited to be a part of the conference “Cyber-Resilience in the Financial Sector”, organized by Banco de Portugal, regarding cybersecurity.

Project in Big Data Paradigm

Execute monthly scoring models that will suggest an increase or decrease of credit lines for bank clients based on their historical financial data

tech automation

How-to Simplify and Innovate with Tech Automation?

Business innovation and simplification are growing challenges driven by the diversity of technologies and skills to maintain and develop business solutions.

Corporate IT

Infosistema implements Auto Insurance Sales Process integrating Banking and Insurance

The objective was to increase the billing of both entities involved, through the integration of a simulator of the Insurer within a banking platform.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation of the Insurance Companies in Portugal

In a close cooperation between IDC and Infosistema, a study was carried out on the “Digital Transformation of the Insurance Companies in Portugal”[…]


Cyberattacks: what good is a an armored door if we do not lock it?

It is necessary to identify risks for each organization and to exercise due diligence to care for their assets. Good security practices are daily put to the test in organizations.


Infosistema & FICO

Decision strategies for deposit management, auto and life insurance launched as first tailored analytic configurations.

Corporate IT

Business & Software Factories (BSF), the future of corporate IT

This is an innovative concept that integrates competences and skills for the specification and optimization of business processes.

Seguros Mutua

Mútua presents Case Study referring to Infosistema (Marés)

Mútua presents Case Study referring to Infosistema (Marés) – Infosistema was referenced in no. 67 of the “Marés” magazine distributed by Mútua dos Pescadores.


Alignment between Information Systems and Business Strategy

Jorge Pereira, José Martins, Vítor Santos and Ramiro Gonçalves published a study entitled “CRUDi framework proposal: financial industry application”

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