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Fifteen years' experience in OutSystems

Chairman Gonçalo Caeiro on OutSystems’ Components

OutSystems Components were born from years of OutSystems projects and the realization that some scenarios should be replicated for everyone’s benefit.


Developing with Infosistema DMM

As Agile development continues to gain traction, a growing challenge is also gaining momentum especially with Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms.

Audit Register

Is the Audit Register for Me?

Infosistema Audit Register is another member of Infosistema family of OutSystems components. Designed to deliver, solve the logging and scalability in Agile Dev.


Type of Components for OutSystems

There are different type of components for Outsystems. Different options available depending on your needs and businesses. Read more about what is available.

Strategic Path

Strategy and Path alignment with McKinsey’s Article

This strategic path is perfectly aligned with Infosistema, simplifying people’s lives and companies’ operations. Along side DocDigitizer software solution.

Infosistema DMM icon

Portmaster Data Migration at Hampton Roads Shipping Association

The employees can log in and view their information and assigned shifts. They also receive notifications, by email or SMS, whenever a shift is delivered to them with full details of the assignment.

Data Migration Manager

Infosistema Data Migration Manager (DMM) 2.3 released with scrambling and anonymization for GDPR compliance

Data Migration Manager 2.3 was release in 16th of May, Infosistema now announces public availability of the new release in the OutSystems forge.


Infosistema DMM Supports GPDR

Dealing with upcoming GDPR. The data is smart scrambled, emails are transformed in emails, phone numbers in phone numbers. Without the need of configuration.


OutSystems References

Infosistema’s professional services have successfully implemented more than 140 agile projects since 2004 in different contexts, dimensions and organizations.


Angelini Pharmacovigilance

Angelini Pharmacovigilance – Infosistema developed for Angelini a Pharmacovigilance solution based on Outsystems technology.