Customers are the core of Infosistema. They guide our activity, helping us to define our path of evolution.

It is with and for them that we are continuously introducing improvements in our solutions.

Case Studies Featured

Debureaucratization and standardization of business processes

Supplier evaluation, material request forms and holidays scheduling forms were made on papper and then sent for approval. Infosistema proposed an integrated solution based on the iFlowBPM Infosistema platform, which turned the procedures more flexible and agile.

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Restructuring the decision-making mechanisms

Santander’s information was not centralized. Often it existed only on paper or in email, leading to duplication of documents and communication faillures.
One document management Solution with iFlowBPM was implemented by Infosistema.

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Angelini Pharmacovigilance

The regulations imposed by international authorities and Infarmed, conditioned the creation of surveillance methods, such as the reporting adverse effects and reactions of medicines along with periodic safety study reports. Infosistema helped Angelini to find a quick implementation solution with ongoing adaptation capabilities to its’ context and dynamics.

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Customers in all sectors

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Restructuring of the approval mechanisms in decision-making

Santander’s information was not centralized and often existed only on paper or by email systematically failing in information flow and in repetitions.

Infosistema proposed to Santander a solution based on an application developed – iFlowBPM.

  • Banco Português de Gestão
  • Banco Rural
  • BPI
  • açoriana
  • Liberty
Açoreana Seguros – Services Portal

“ Our new Services Portal is seen as a reference in the market in terms of efficiency and as a user-friendly tool. The Agile approach allowed our end users to participate actively during the different steps of development leading up to the final solution and feel completely involved throughout the process. ”

António Ascensão, Partnerships Director at Açoreana Seguros.


Alexandre Ramos, CIO da Lusitania Companhia de Seguros

Mútua dos Pescadores ensures better management information with QlikView

“QlikView has enabled us to make a much more precise and systematic follow-up of management indicators and broaden commercial and accident control information.”

Engineer Luís Gomes, Director of Information Systems

  • CA Seguros
  • Van Ameyde
  • Cepres
  • ISP
Industry and Services
  • Trivalor
  • SGS
  • Matuttano
  • Ticket Restaurante
  • Giganomics
  • Cofaco
  • Portucel
  • Diet Med
Public Administration
  • TAP
  • CP
  • anpc
Municipality of Abrantes
  • PSP
  • INAC
  • Embaixada dos Estados Unidos
  • Wyeth
  • merck
  • mac
Angelini Pharmacovigilance

”Apart from the speed with which they are being implemented, these solutions provide us total flexibility. The fact that we can adapt them at any time, either to manage a new business process, or to comply with new rules is fundamental to Angelini and represents a clear competitive advantage“

Dr. João Guimarães, Medical Director and Director of Regulatory Affairs of Angelini

Construction and Automotive
  • ALD
  • SAG
Desburocratização e uniformização dos processos empresariais


Envio e preenchimento manual de formulários de avaliação de fornecedores, requisição de material e marcação de férias para aprovação, envolvendo tempo e custos de circulação de papel.

A Infosistema propôs uma solução integrada baseada na plataforma Infosistema iFlowBPM, modificando procedimentos internos:

Telecom and Media
  • Optimus
  • ZON
  • via networks
  • Páginas Amarelas
Sports and Tourism
  • FPF
  • Turismo de Portugal
  • SLB
  • Pestana Hotels

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