DMM Foundation Online Course

Identify cybersecurity data risks within your OutSystems applications – and prevent them!

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Data Migration Manager (DMM) Foundation Online Course©

Learn the basics of Data Migration in the OutSystems platform

Congratulations to all that have finalized the course and have been awarded with the DMM Foundation Certification!

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About this course

Kickstart your learning of Data Migration in OutSystems with this introductory course.

Upon its completion, you’ll be able to seamlessly migrate data across OutSystems environments and versions and/or import data from external sources into the OutSystems platform. Learn about all the functionalities and how to leverage them for your business.

What you’ll learn

The objective of this course is to get you familiar with data migration in the OutSystems Platform.
In this course you will learn about:

  • The OutSystems Platform Meta Model
  • How data management works in Agile software development
  • How you can import data from existing data sources and applications
  • How you can migrate data across different OutSystems environments and versions
  • How you can filter, anonymize and scramble data within data migration
  • How to ensure data protection while migrating your data


Module 1 – OutSystems Meta Model (1h) 
Module 2 – Data Management in Agile Development Cycle (1h)
Module 3 – Data import from external data sources  (1h)
Module 4 – Data migration across environments (1h)


  • Basic Data Modelling concepts
  • Basic OutSystems platform concepts

Certification awarded

  • DMM Foundation Certified

Certified Professionals

  • Length: 4 sessions
  • Effort: 1 hour per session
  • Price: FREE
  • Institution: Infosistema
  • Subject: Data Migration
  • Level: Introductory
  • Language: English