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Yorenet Teknoloji Turizm ve Ticaret A.S. is established in 2000. Since the beginning, Yorenet developed expertise on Linux OS and several open source technologies. Additionally Yorenet developed several custom applications on low code platforms.

Yorenet is a technology company that has the capability to develop and sell software and also provide professional services to large scale companies both in private and public sectors as well as some global companies. Yorenet is already partner of several software vendors mostly in the leaders quadrant on Gartner reports. Most of the customers of Yorenet are the biggest companies of Turkey, from diverse vertical markets including finance, automotive, media, logistics and public sector.

At Green Lemon Company we design and build systems from design-thinking to whiteboard to product release. From logistics to financial services, our customers represent diverse sectors across the globe. What they share is a passion for using technology to optimise transformation.

At the core of our software engineering digital factory is a suite of world-class Technologies, from Low-Code to AI Platforms.

Our vision is to harness technology for the benefit of every species on the planet.

JustSolve is an award-winning solutions company focused on delivering high-quality software through Agile, lean and iterative methodologies. We create beautiful and thoughtful solutions for all, from startups to the biggest enterprises across multiple industries. JustSolve is low-code and traditional software development experts, providing our clients with all the skills, expertise and experience needed to help their ideas come to life.

Ruption is an OutSystems Specialized company, founded in 2019 to change the way services were being provided to clients. With 25 years of experience combined, the Founders developed a model that would disrupt the market. We implemented a philosophy of honesty and commitment to developing trustworthy partnerships. This, alongside our focus to develop pristine applications and the digital transformation of businesses, has separated us from the rest. Your goals are our goals.

At DB Results, we transform businesses to deliver results – without exception. As digital business specialists, we leverage our extensive global experience across financial services, health, energy and utilities, and government to support our customers on their journey from strategy to reality.

We operate at every stage of the delivery cycle to deliver a human touch in the digital world, focusing on the needs of our clients and their customers to make a genuine change that enriches their lives.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients and partners to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, and exceed expectations.

Swaran Soft is a leading Digital Transformation Co with over 20+ years of credibility in building technology & creating digital experiences for enterprises in APAC, EMEA & Europe.

Our OEM partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Azure, IBM Watson, Salesforce, Automation Anywhere, OutSystems & more makes us more strong to serve on projects with on AI, Blockchain, Modern DevOps, IoT & more. We are the right choice for an end to end delivery of projects.

As OutSystems official partners we are building fast, building it right & building for future. Infosistema’s alliance is next step to accelerate the pace to top gear. So, whether you are looking to innovate fresh or transform your existing apps our team of qualified engineers are there to help you.

Kyono is Official OutSystems partner, a leader in low-code development platforms. Founded and backed by the industry veterans that have worked with companies of all sizes including many in the Fortune’s 500 list and government departments across the globe.

Kyono offers the most needed change in the way customers have been achieving value through their professional services & solution integration partners.

Leveraging the most appropriate platform & the experts with in depth experience, Kyono ensures clients get an optimal value on the time: cost:quality:scope equation.

Kyono also has the experience and expertise in migrating legacy apps to the latest gen platforms, quickly!

Desde 1998, o propósito da Mirante Tecnologia é atender o cliente na velocidade de sua necessidade, auxiliando empresas a construir softwares rapidamente e disponibilizando Talentos de TI com agilidade.

Promovemos a Inovação Ágil de ponta a ponta com soluções inteligentes e disruptivas, a partir de empatia, cocriação e versatilidade. Sempre com olhos para o futuro, integramos pessoas, metodologias e tecnologia para ajudar a acelerar o crescimento das empresas.
Atualmente, fomos considerados os melhores parceiros Outsystems na América Latina para desenvolvimento low-code.

At OSQuay, we pride ourselves in efficiently helping our customers embrace their digital transformation initiatives by delivering top-notch, innovative OutSystems solutions that fit their business goals. Our highly professional, talented, driven team has had extensive experience providing complex solutions to our clients, both remotely and on-site, across the globe.

Phact is your go-to partner for custom-made and ground-braking solutions that will fit perfect in your organization. Phact is one of the most innovative partners of OutSystems, we have extensive experience with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Our innovative spirit helps organizations build enterprise-grade applications to transform their business faster. We strongly believe in co-creation and full transparency. We make complex technologies understandable, usable and available to all of our customers.

Dreamcloud is the first and longest serving OutSystems partner in Singapore. Our team has extensive experience in helping our customers leverage their investment in the OutSystems Platform and using low-code to accelerate digital transformation journeys.

We have delivered more than 200 high quality web and mobile apps for a variety of large enterprises since 2014.

Cegeka is a leading European IT solutions provider. The company specializes in multi-cloud services, cloud orchestration, outsourcing, cybersecurity, Mobile Private Networks for enterprise and optimization of applications, infrastructure and business processes.

The family-owned company was founded by André Knaepen in 1992. As of 2019, Stijn Bijnens is CEO. Cegeka has its headquarters in Hasselt (Belgium).

The company has witnessed annual double-digit growth of 15% to 20%. In 2019, Cegeka counted nearly 5000 staff, with a consolidated turnover of 561 million euro. Today, the company has 5000+ staff in locations all over Europe: Benelux, Germany, Austria, Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Russia and recently Moldavia.

Outfit is the Devoteam Group´s Centre of Excellence for the OutSystems technology– focused on creating innovative, top performance corporate grade solutions using a Low Code approach.

With projects that range from aeronautics to agriculture 2.0, healthcare, biopharma and financial services, among others – and a strong presence in the EMEA markets; Outfit is the ideal partner in your digital transformation journey.

ISB Global’s vision is to enhance communities throughout the world by delivering pioneering waste management and recycling software. Help to build more efficient waste materials operations and infrastructure. Create effective supply chain, sustainable recycling and secondary materials markets that benefit the entire population. Focus on economic, social and environmental health. Support talent and relationships with our technology. And ensure the world is a clean, healthy place for everyone and everything.

ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One has been engineered on the OutSystems Platform as WR1.OutSystems. Integrated to SAP, S/4 HANA and Legacy for small and large enterprises, public organisations and supply chains. Managing extensive waste logistics and recycling materials processes. Utilising Cloud, aPaaS, IoT and emerging technologies. Designed and engineered in collaboration with the industry for a new breed of waste and recycling professional. Focused on the transition to a circular economy delivered through digital transformation.

DHCC Australia is a growing provider of Information Technology services. DHCC Australia provides System Integration, Cloud Migration, Software Development, (both full Custom and OutSystems), DevOps, Data, and Team Augmentation to help public and private organizations achieve their goals.

With a strong local Australian presence (a talent pool of 200 plus IT Professionals in Melbourne alone), DHCC Australia can put together teams that are formed, experienced, cost-effective, and efficient. DHCC Australia can add to your team or deliver you an entirely new team with very short lead times and extremely competitive budgets.

PT. Jati Piranti Solusindo(Jatis Solutions) established in 1997, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia with offices in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and now become the Indonesian leading e-solutions provider which has served hundreds of clients across the region.

Jatis Solutions (a member of Indivara Group) provides Enterprise Application Integration as well as Professional Services complemented by consulting delivery and third party partner product to rapidly deploy technology services to the customers.

We have served over 500 corporate clients with 80 top brands from national and multinational firms in the various industry.

FPT Software is part of FPT Corporation (FPT – HoSE) – the global leading technology and IT services group headquartered in Vietnam with nearly US$2.4 billion in revenue and 36,000 employees.

FPT Software is the Global leading IT Services Company with nearly half billion USD revenue reported. We also take account for half of the workforce of FPT corporation, including more than 14,000 IT experts and engineers. With 22 development centers and foot prints across 4 continents, we are capable to serve 700 big clients, in which 83 are listed in Fortune 500s.

Qualified with CMMI Level 5 & ISO 27001:2013, ASPICE LEVEL 3, FPT Software delivers world-class services in Smart factory, Digital platform, RPA, AI, IoT, Enterprise Mobilization, Cloud, AR/VR, Embedded System, Managed service, Testing, Platform modernization, Business Applications, Application Service, BPO and more services globally.

KRE8 IT is a boutique IT consulting practice in Melbourne, Australia, established in 2009 and an OutSystems Partner since 2017.
When you would rather work directly with a small local team, without the typical management overhead costs, then KRE8 IT is the right choice.

KRE8 IT helps businesses solve complex problems that others find too hard or would take them too long. They do it by developing elegant software solutions, for web and mobile, that are a joy to use and are ready to go live in record time.

G.E.N.E.R.I.C. Trading & Consulting est une entreprise de Trading Products, de conseils et de Transformation Digitale basé en France.
L’entreprise a été créée en 2020 par une équipe de professionnels expérimentés aux compétences complémentaires avec le but de constituer un écosystème avec leur partenaires.

Ils se spécialisent dans la transformation digitale de tout type d’entreprises, nous conseillons et accompagnons nos clients dans leurs projets de Transformation Digitale, Data Management, Conseils et Stratégies IT, Audit et Cybersécurité IT, RGPD, Logiciel/SAAS/Apps/Plateforme internet, Conception de sites internet, Agence web, Web Marketing Digital, Hébergement, Traitement de Données, Big Data, Web Design et Développement d’Applications; et solutions de trading pour les banques d’investissement et privées, Data Rooms, Plateforme de Trading, d’Acquisitions, Levées de Fonds et Agro-alimentaire, Transformation, Distribution et Logistique et E-commerce (hors alcool).

(Joint venture Energy21) was founded as a joint venture between Energy21 and Portuguese software developers with the main objective to build and support innovative software solutions for the energy market. As an extended department of Energy21 we design, develop and test process and data-driven analyses.

Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified web developers and testers. Combining our +10 years of experience on web development and our passion for our work, we are committed to provide the constructive solutions. Standard solutions if possible, and client based innovate solutions where necessary.

Accelerated Focus is a top certified OutSystems partner in the North America region. We deliver adoption strategies and low-code digital solutions for our clients to maximize return on investment.

Datalynx AG supports both multinational and local companies in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare industries. With more than 20 years of industry experience in the life sciences, we understand how to drive the digital transformation in the GxP-regulated industry.

As a specialist for digital solutions, we create tailor-made innovative IT solutions that streamline your processes and make a real value contribution for your customers. Thanks to our holistic and strategic approach and our expertise in the regulated industry, we ensure modern IT compliance in all our projects. We operate mainly in Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, India, United States, Singapore and Czech Republic.

Blue Screen IT Solutions is an agile software development and system maintenance services company with 20 years of experience and operating in international IT markets. Its activity extends through the United States, Europe and Mexico providing specialized teams that support customers in experiencing excellency with integrated global IT solutions.

A Bit Further is an ICT consulting company that unites business management consulting with a high level of technology expertise.

Their services focus on the consultation and implementation of solutions that are derived from the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

The ICT management services encompass classic strategy and organizational consulting as well as the planning and implementation of highly complex, technological ICT architectures and applications.

A Bit Further’s know-how bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and ICT projects for many large world-leading companies.

At Destinycloud we are an AGILE mindset company with HIGH ENERGY STAFF and focus on delivering Tailored Low-Code solutions. We’ll also act as your IT extended arm to help you find the best third-party solutions to fit your business and provide business support.

We operate in near/off-shore model, delivering solutions in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French language for higher applicability on the field.

After years of applying agile methodologies in our projects, we started to share our knowledge by also delivering an AGILE MENTORING PROGRAM where we help your IT department to REDUCE their COST OF DELAY by reaching the market sooner and collect feedback faster to finally INCREASE USER ADOPTION

About 25 years ago, Synobsys made the choice to begin using smart low-code tools in business application development. Now, we develop software applications for digitizing work processes and guide clients through their digital transformation initiatives. Our solutions use our client’s ideas as a base and we strive to be fast, innovative, and adaptable to any potential opportunity. The results include less manual programming, time savings, and a shorter time to market.

Since 2011, TrueChange has been the leading low-code specialist in Brazil, having become a reference in implementation, training, specialized services and development of mobile and web solutions through the OutSystems low-code Platform.

The company operates in the Brazilian Market through a team of qualified professionals specialized in low-code and in the best software development practices to carry out digital transformation.

With 4+ Yrs of experience as OutSystems partner in India, we offer a unique palette of software innovation services, empowering organizations with opportunity and courage to change, step by step, through hands on collaboration and iterative ideation. Enabling OutSystems backed digital transformation in leading Financial & Insurance customers.

Experts in the field of Business Optimization and digital transformation. Wizards in building Web & Mobile Applications. Low-code specialists on the OutSystems platform.
Organizations need to evolve quickly to keep up with the fast changing business landscapes. Leaders want IT to focus on business results, innovation and growth. Please meet the largest OutSystems team in Belgium. Looking forward to helping you!

We are a team of passionate people working around the globe. We combine business and process insights with our technical expertise to develop state-of-the-art IT solutions.

C&F helps companies transform into modern data-driven organizations: our product portfolio has been designed for our clients to build and maintain a competitive advantage – blue oceans of value innovation.

innoQA was born from the concerns of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) professionals to offer value services in the field of technology and in a work environment where talent and customer orientation are fostered.

Their services range from Low-Code Development to Scriptless Testing and Zero Touch Deployment.

Theros has more than 15 years of OutSystems experience, high-end software solutions and products, successful international project delivery, and a solid talent academy background, Theros was born to enhance, evolve and expand the low code/agile world.

With over twenty highly experienced dedicated OutSystems consultants, Valuga helps clients develop innovative apps with advanced big data and IoT analytics capabilities.

To achieve the best user-centered applications, Valuga includes User Experience experts who keep the end user’s needs a top priority. Our ambition is to keep creating smart solutions with new technology for our customers.

Together we are Valuga and as Valugans, we all strive to achieve the same goal: “The OutSystems Experts, connecting the dots to make the complex simple.”

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