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Organization Size



School/UniversityRequest QuoteRequest Quote
Personal Edition11 €/USD /month(*) 
2-25 Employees108 €/USD /month(*) 
26-100 Employees253 €/USD /month(*) 
101-250 Employees508 €/USD /month(*) 
251-500 Employees810 €/USD /month(*) 
501-1000 Employees1,209 €/USD /month(*) 
> 1000 Employees1,512 €/USD /month(*) 

(*) DMM licenses are an annual subscription

How do we license DMM?

DMM is sold as an annual subscription service.

Above values are the equivalent monthly cost of the DMM Professional yearly subscription license, for each organization size.


Based on Organization Size

We count organization size as the number of employees the company has. If the company belongs to an economic group, then the number of employees is computed as the total number of the employees in the group.

Example 1: The shipping company ACME in country X has 100 employees.
That company's number of employees counted towards their organization size would, therefore, be 100.

Example 2: The same shipping company ACME in country X has 100 employees.
But it is a subsidiary of a shipping group in country Y which has 20,000 employees worldwide.
In this case, the number of relevant employees is 20,000.



Is there a FREE Version of DMM?

– DMM Professional Edition without the filtering option is free for migrations with less than 1GB and around ~3 entities at a time;
– DMM is free if you are anonymizing or scrambling data with no database migration;
– Free license for our partners' internal use.

Multi-year license discounts

Buy a 2 year license and get 10% discount. Buy a 3 year license and get a 20% discount!