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The characteristics of our product for data migration and the added benefits of using it


Infrastructure and Pricing:
Support OutSystems 8 to OutSystems 11
Support MySQL, SQL Server And Oracle
Support any size and complexity
Support OnPrem, Cloud or mixed Scenarios
Fixed and predictable subscription model
Execution Capabilities:
The fastest data migration solution available
Migrate Data Between Outsystems instances (including between different OS versions, databases, cloud/onPrem)
Data Exporting from the environment and archive it or move it to some ETL procedure
Data Import from external sources into your OutSystems apps
BPT Migration
Data Deletion
Secure Access
Data Browsing
Runtime Connection - The support for OutSystems in PaaS Cloud is immediate, seamless and effortless
Data Append Mode
Data Filtering to fine tune what is moved
Data Scrambling and Anonymization to change sensitive data on the fly
Stand-alone scrambling and anonymization for data at rest
Data Ignoring to completely clear sensitive data
Multiple OutSystems frontends support
DMM database REST Driver
Extensibility and reuse:
Open UI that can be extended by the customer
Separation of configuration and execution phase
Open Configuration file that can produced or changed outside DMM
Detailed log of executions
Full audit of commands prepared and executed in destination
Under the Hood:
Automatic Dependency Detection
Full support of static entities
User and groups synchronization
Circular dependency resolution
BLOB Support


DMM Webinar

Data Import into OutSystems PaaS Cloud from Legacy Apps

June 17th, at 04:00 PM GMT+1

Download DMM on OutSystems Forge

Other Components

  • Audit Register

    Create, manage and report audits and logs for OutSystems entities. A must have for compliance.

  • CoE (Center of Excellence)

    Dashboard creation component can be dynamically configurable and associated with the user profile.