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Infosistema DMM Subscriptions Plans

Choose Plan A or Plan B that best suits your needs and business case

Plan A
Organization size
(in employees)*
School/UniversityRequest Quote
Personal Edition9
> 10001,249
Unlimited MUs on any purchase of plan A

*Total number of employees of the economic group

**billed annually

Plan B
Migration UnitsUSD/EUR
Each block of 100 MUs1,000
Unlimited MUs15,000

How do we license DMM?

DMM is sold as an annual subscription service. We have two subscription plans: one based on Organization Size and another based on Migration Units (MUs).

Plan A

Based on Organization Size

Provides unlimited access to DMM features without any worries regarding MUs.

We count organization size as the number of employees the company has. If the company belongs to an economic group, then the number of employees is computed as the total number of the employees in the group.

Example 1: The shipping company ACME in country X has 100 employees. That company’s number of employees counted towards their organization size would, therefore, be 100.

Example 2: The same shipping company ACME in country X has 100 employees. But it is a subsidiary of a shipping group in country Y which has 20,000 employees worldwide. In this case, the number of relevant employees is 20,000.

Plan B

Based on Migration Units (MUs)

MUs are licensed on an annual subscription basis.
The amount of MUs you need is related to the most complex migration configuration you have. You can run DMM migrations as often as you like.
You don’t pay for each run of DMM execution.
You can also have dozens or hundreds of migrations configured. You don’t pay for any additional migration configuration.

How do we compute necessary MUs?

The best way is to install DMM and let it compute how many MUs you will need. You can download DMM for free from the OutSystems Forge. You only need to license DMM when you are actually executing migrations.

The following table describes how DMM computes the MUs envolved in the migration.

GB of data1100

Is there a FREE Version of DMM?

– DMM is free for migrations with less than 1GB and less than 35 MUs in terms of complexity.

– DMM is free if you are anonymizing or scrambling data with no database migration.

– Free license for our partners’ internal use.

– Free license for OutSystems Cloud Customers (limited time offer: 30thJune 2020)


1 – If I run 5 migrations consuming 500 MUs, do I have to subscribe 5 times for 500 MUs?
No, you must only subscribe for 500 MUs once. You can run 5 or 10,000 migrations provided each migration configuration is up to 500 MUs.

2 – I have configured 2 migrations, one with 1,500 MUs and another with 2,000 MUs. How many MUs do I have to subscribe for?
You would have to subscribe for 2,000 MUs because it is the size of the largest migration configuration.

3 – Are there any discounts for DMM?
There are specific cases where the customers have a lot of data in binary files (like images or documents). In these scenarios, we can provide custom pricing. Reach out to us if you have a high volume database.

4 – Does Infosistema license DMM for a Single Migration run?
In the case where you need a single migration, we provide a 6 month license at 50% off list price. Why a 6 month period? Because our experience shows that ETL tasks often take longer than expected to stabilize the data origin, destination platforms, testing, UATs, etc. Although this type of project is often seen as a one-off, the truth is that they require dozens or hundreds of migration runs to fine tune the entire data process.


You have a company called ACME that has an OutSystems platform with a total of 250 tables and 1,200 columns.

ACME needs to run migrations every single day from Prod to Dev with data scrambling and anonymization.

The first migration scenario has 25 tables, 250 columns and 2GB of data.
The second migration scenario has 75 tables, 500 columns and 3GB of data.

The second migration scenario has 75 tables, 500 columns and 3GB of data (1,175 MUs). ACME would have to license 1,200 MUs – rounded up from 1,175 MUs = max between 1,175 MUs and 575 MUs.

DMM Webinar

Data Import into OutSystems PaaS Cloud from Legacy Apps

June 17th, at 04:00 PM GMT+1

Download DMM on OutSystems Forge

Other Components

  • Audit Register

    Create, manage and report audits and logs for OutSystems entities. A must have for compliance.

  • CoE (Center of Excellence)

    Dashboard creation component can be dynamically configurable and associated with the user profile.