Infosistema Data Migration Manager (DMM) now available in the OutSystems Forge

November 21, 2017

After launching Data Migration Manager 1.0 in the last 5th of September, Infosistema now announces public availability of DMM in the OutSystems forge.



DMM solves major Data Migration challenge

Infosistema DMM allow a significant cost reduction by saving hundreds of hours building custom scripts, increase quality and allow unprecedented flexibility in data management. DMM enables data migration across OutSystems environments or servers (v9 or v10) using a simple user interface. It also supports features like data anonymization and data scramble, essential to comply with GDPR.

As mentioned by Jorge Pereira, Co-founder and CEO of Infosistema, “This tool solves one of the main needs of our customers. More than 50% indicated the data migration as a big challenge.”

dmm iconSupport in detecting inconsistencies for unselected tables; possibility of filter selection for data migration; reports of categorized errors occurring during the process; possibility to repeat the process after the validation and correction of the problems found, are some of the functionalities of DMM.
As for its benefits, it is worth mentioning the reduction of time-to-market, costs, ease of use (graphical interface), automation of the procedure (which favours the repetition of equal scenarios), reduction of complexity and reduction of errors.

Jorge Pereira also stated: “We believe that our new tools and components for OutSystems platform, in particular DMM, will bring clear benefits to our customers. Companies are increasingly looking for solutions that help them optimize their internal processes, minimizing the consumption of human, financial and time resources, and that is what DMM allows to achieve!”


DMM on OutSystems Forge

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