Joyn Sales Academy Training Program

Why you should apply?

» The sales function is key to grow any organization’s business but is frequently neglected.
» There’s a lack of good training for the sales function (theoretical & Practical).
» Measure the quarterly results with KPI’s is fundamental to improve.
» The barriers and cooperation between marketing and sales are changing very fast (inbound vs outbound).
» Automation in the sales cycle is critical to success, forcing new skills to emerge.
» The sales channels are shifting from physical to online.
» The sales competition is now global.
» Putting together the best products, the most performant tools, and the right sales champions, business can be really easy!

How is it possible?

» Initiative only depends on each one of us; in ourselves. It’s our option to stay steel or to take control of the future.
» Time is the only thing you can control, and what you decide to do with it.>
» Having the initiative (“Drive" from Daniel Pink), everyone needs training and support to jumpstart.
» Finding the right training is hard, but possible, and must be attached to our inside passion (Sales).
» Finding the right product with a shorter sales cycle, can bring you faster and better results.
» Expanding to an international outreach with the right set of tools, can make you a global sales champion.
» Now that you achieved to be a sales champion, you can become an entrepreneur and a Business Manager.

What you’ll find?

» Assist Sales Pitches by experienced Sales Executives from different companies (& offerings).
» Connect with our sales team and grow your network.

Do you have what it takes to try?

=> Rules for engagement

Joyn Sales Academy Training Program

ProgramProgram Item40 Hours8 Weeks
(H)Week #
Sales Role1.a. Sales- Battlesheet – Product ROI & Competition11
1.b. Sales- Cycle, Pipeline & KPIs21
Target Customers2. Target Audience & Context11
Pitch DecksDecks- Invited 2x Sales Executives +Q&A11
Sales Tools3.a. Tools- CRM Platform & Numbers (Goals)12
3.b Tools- Prospecting12
3.c Tools- Cold Calling12
3.d Tools- Networking12
Pitch DecksDecks- Invited 2x Sales Executives +Q&A12
Soft Skills4.a. Soft Skills- Presenting & Active Listening13
4.b. Soft Skills- Negotiation13
Pitch Deck5. Deck- MKTG Content & Pitch23
Evaluation #1: Pitch Deck.. Send your Pitch Deck to evaluation3
Pitch DecksDecks- Invited 2x Sales Executives +Q&A13
Strategy & Objectives6.a. Objectives & (Personal) Sales Strategy14
6.b. Measure & Optimize14
Closing7. Objections Handling & Closing14
Evaluation #2: Pitch8. Presentation Session: 5 min each Decks/ Sales Candidate14
Pitch DecksDecks- Invited 2x Sales Executives +Q&A14
Eval. #2: Practice8. Practice- Kick Start Selling (Execute Strategy of 6.a)205 to 8
– Execute Strategy of 6.a with Pitch of 5.
– Daily progress & sharing of experience 20x 1H (all)


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