Press release on WorkShop: Insurance 2013 (IDC)

March 15, 2013

The Insurance 2013 Workshop took place on March 14, 2013, in the Rectory of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. It was organized by Infosistema and IDC, with the support of UTAD and ISEGI.

Apresentação António Ascensão from Infosistema on Vimeo.

The Workshop’s main objective was to disseminate case studies and to promote the discussion of problems, difficulties and main challenges in the insurance sector (in terms of business, technology, and compliance and legal support).

This event was attended by recognized keynote speakers from the insurance sector. Among them: the APS, insurers, brokers and real estate agents. We thank all the participants for their contribution as it has enabled this event to become a historic milestone for the sector.

The presentations can be requested to Infosistema, through the contact form.

List of Speakers and their respective presentations:

Gonçalo Caeiro – Infosistema

Cloud, Mobile and SaaS

Pedro Cardoso – PLC

Experience of a Broker

António Ascensão – Companhia de Seguros Açoreana

Case Study: Web portals and Relationship with Partners

“The information and knowledge society in which we live, strongly supported in ICT (information and communication technologies) has challenged the traditional management paradigms and motivated the emergence of new business models. In this context it is crucial to align the needs and business support processes of the companies, since they are both in evolution and continuous improvementElectronic business can be defined as a safe, integrated and flexible mechanism to generate value to businesses, through a combination of systems and processes based on technologies and Web 2.0."


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