Is the Audit Register for Me?

August 5, 2019

(2-minute reading)

Infosistema Audit Register as an OutSystems Components

We live in a world where data privacy, compliance and fraud detection prevention are gaining more attention share by CXO executives. The need to proper register information access and change is becoming more important to detect and most important to avoid fraud internal or external.

Audit Register solves the need of making transparent to the developers the need to comply with data change logging and still to not have to deal with performance, scalability or complex code.

Audit Register is a must for CXOs because it enables their Dev and IT teams to have a framework and blueprint to be and stay compliant every time.

And Audit Register is a must have for the Agile squads and architects because it removes the problem and concerns of prototyping and custom build audit and logs system that can impact performance, uses and deviate important dev resources to run the digital transformation processes.

Designed from the ground up to deliver, solve the logging, scalability and tempering scenarios, Infosistema Audit Register is the must have OutSystems component if you want to focus on building business apps instead of being distracted with frameworks tasks.

Audit Register pays for itself in the first month. We carefully designed a price model that is so attractive that is a no brainer decision of have, no matter the size of the OutSystems project.

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