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Data Migration Manager - Sticker time

Presenting DMM 8

DMM now loads information into the new OutSystems Forge component, World Lookups – giving you common data like lists of Countries, Regions, Phone Codes and others, saving you not only time in the initial development, but also offering your OutSystems solution the assurance of an easy future data maintainability!

Identify cybersecurity data risks within your OutSystems applications – and prevent them!

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At Infosistema, We Built an Easy, Fast Way
to Manage and Run OutSystems Data Migrations

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Use Case Supported

Improve Development Quality, Reduce QA workload & Minimize Production Errors - migrate data from PRD to QA & DEV environments

Clients perform Data Migration from production environment data into QA and development environments to avoid production problems and spending extra time and money due to poor data available to developers or the tester’s ability to comprehend the production impact.

Export data into external databases for analytics / BI, or export for later use

Get your OutSystems data synchronized automatically into a data lake or DW or business intelligence solution; DMM can even create & maintain the destination database structure directly!

When doing regression testing or deploying training environments, export the initial data so you’ll be able to reset an environment back to it’s initial data status (later using the Deletion and Import features of DMM).

Importing data from legacy/non-OutSystems apps

Clients want to have data available in their new OutSystems apps and are therefore migrating data from “legacy” apps (Lotus Notes, Access, VBA apps, PHP, etc.) into the OutSystems platform.

This is very relevant when the client is betting on the OutSystems platform for digital transformation projects, attempting to resolve shadow IT issues, or diminishing their dependency on different (often old) technological stacks.

OutSystems pipeline segregation (data migration between any OS environments)

Following OutSystems recommendations, isolate a portfolio of applications that have the same characteristics

Migrate data seamlessly across any Outsystems environments (Cloud / OnPrem / different region’s PaaS / different architectures)

Data Backup requirements

Some clients have special data backup requirements where a full database backup is not feasible.

For example, imagine there is a business app with critical data in a big multi-app OutSystems environment with a very large database, and their disaster recovery plan (DRP) needs a fast continuous information backup of just that critical app data.

Performance testing or pen testing

When the tests (performance, security, or penetration tests) are done in a non-production environment, there is a need for “good data”—either in volume or quality—to mimic production.

Migrating to other technical stacks

The client is changing technological stacks or architecture.

For example, we support data migration between:

  • OnPrem <-> Cloud (either client Cloud or OutSystems PaaS Cloud in Azure, AWS, or another platform)
  • MySQL -> SQLServer, or MySQL -> Oracle
  • SQL Server <-> Oracle

Data privacy, data cleaning, and GDPR concerns

For GDPR compliance, clients need to easily guarantee on data cleaning processes (either scrambling, anonymizing or deleting data at rest).

For example, the client was using production data in other environments and wished to scramble/anonymize it or the client’s client evoked the “right to be forgotten,” but instead of deleting data records for some business or BI reason, it was best to just anonymize or clean the personal fields involved, keeping the rest of the record.

OutSystems platform version upgrade

Sometimes clients need to upgrade the OutSystems version in a parallel environment, instead of upgrading in the current installation.

Some examples:

  • The client wants to upgrade app by app and not the whole environment at the same time.
  • There is some risk in having different platform versions in development/QA/production. For example, if something happens in production when development and QA are in another version it has to be solved directly in production or put on hold for that environment to upgrade.
  • If the new version doesn’t support the same stack. For example, clients who are using a MySQL/Java stack and planning to upgrade to OS11, which doesn’t support this tech stack.

We can migrate data between versions 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Save Time, Save Costs, and Mitigate Risks

We are making it easier for OutSystems customers
to transfer and migrate data and BPTS across servers and different environments.

Capability Enabled

fastest solution available

single step data migration

guarantee data integrity in multiple, sequential or differential migrations

delta migration, export and import to/from non-OutSystems DBs, etc.

Data Migration Manager - images

OutSystems Customers
That Trust Us

OutSystems Data Migration - arrow down
Data Migration Manager - Migrate/copy/import

Migrate/copy/import data as many times as you want

Data Migration Manager - Filter

Filter, scramble,
or encrypt data

Data Migration Manager - 24/7

24/7 automatic


Miguel Anselmo

DMM was the key to the success of the stack Java to .Net migration project, in which we had to migrate data of several

environments – Cloud & OnPrem > 100GB of data migrated!

Miguel Anselmo
Senior Consultant at Theros Digital

Menno Hoogsteen

“I was amazed when DMM successfully migrated 5GB of data in 4:02 minutes!”

Menno Hoogsteen
Product League (working at Eneco)

Ian Humpreys

DMM provided a very quick response, including fast and efficient data migration using their REST connection on OutSystems Cloud PaaS– supporting volume and quality of data in QA & DEV, ISBGlobal highly recommends DMM!

Ian Humphreys
CTO at ISB Global


Why Migrate Data Using Our Data Migration Manager

DMM makes Outsystems data migration a complete trivial process,
hiding all the complexity and corner cases into an off-the-shelf solution.


DMM has a
100% product


Full transparent pricing.
No hidden or extra costs.
No services bill.
No surprises.


Download from Forge.
Configure it.
Run it.

Mysql -> Sql Server <->
<-> Oracle <- Mysql

DMM supports
migration data across
all RDBMS engines
supported by OutSystems


Migrate from
and to OnPrem
and Cloud

Support for
8, 9, 10 and 11

We even
migrate data
across OutSystems

DMM works on and between different databases

Different infrastructures

Data Migration Manager - OnPrem


Data Migration Manager - Cloud-based


Data Migration Manager - Outsystems Paas

OutSystems Paas

And different OutSystems Versions

versions 8, 9, 10 & 11

Request a free trial

Try OutSystems data migration manager for free

DMM Professional Edition
without the filtering option is free
for migrations with less than 1GB
and around ~3 entities at a time.

DMM is free
if you are anonymizing
or scrambling data
with no database migration.

OutSystems Data Migration - Sticker License

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