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Infosistema DMM is the #1 world solution for migrating data across OutSystems Environments.

If you are considering a Data Migration for OutSystems, Infosistema DMM is the only solution, ready to run, highly scalable, that provides full data integrity across environments, versions and clusters.

We provide all the support processes and tools like dashboards, messages and logging. Most importantly, we can actually do the migration job done, whatever is your version, complexity or size.

Infosistema DMM unique algorithms make it faster hundreds or thousands times than any other solution. It’s both a combination of deep understanding of OutSystems data model with a deep knowledge of the database engines.

That’s why when you are running databases of 10Gb’s of data, with dozens of Applications, and you want to automate data migration, Infosistema DMM is the only way to go.

TopicInfosistema DMMOther Solutions / ServicesWhy this is crucial
Primary Keys IntegrityYesNoIn tables where you do not have a secondary unique columns or group of colu