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Infosistema DMM is the #1 world solution for migrating data across OutSystems Environments.

If you are considering a Data Migration for OutSystems, Infosistema DMM is the only solution, ready to run, highly scalable, that provides full data integrity across environments, versions and clusters.

We provide all the support processes and tools like dashboards, messages and logging. Most importantly, we can actually do the migration job done, whatever is your version, complexity or size.

Infosistema DMM unique algorithms make it faster hundreds or thousands times than any other solution. It’s both a combination of deep understanding of OutSystems data model with a deep knowledge of the database engines.

That’s why when you are running databases of 10Gb’s of data, with dozens of Applications, and you want to automate data migration, Infosistema DMM is the only way to go.

TopicInfosistema DMMOther Solutions / ServicesWhy this is crucial
Primary Keys IntegrityYesNoIn tables where you do not have a secondary unique columns or group of columns this is the only way you can identify a row. It is impossible to guarantee data integrity in multiple, sequential or differential migrations without guaranteeing primary keys integrity
Differential MigrationsYesNoUnless you a running an only import migration with zero data at destination, you want to run differential migrations that only update the necessary and correct data. Other solutions rely on data content itself but leave out dozens of corner cases that Infosistema DMM supports out of the box.
High PerformanceYesNoInfosistema DMM runs dozens thousands of records per minute. That’s because we get the most out of the database itself not having the huge overhead of working at a higher layers of abstraction.
BPTYesNoInfosistema DMM already provides support for BPT migration. No future promises, we already do it
SecurityYesNoDMM is the only solution that directly migrates data from source to destination, your data isn't stored anywhere else and risk being compromised. If you use the anonymization option in sensitive fields, your data isn't even read from the source.
Unique Premium featuresYesNoDMM is able to cover a host of use-cases with is specialty features like for example the bulk data import from non-OutSystems solutions, wizard based direct export to non-OutSystems databases (creating the data model itself as needed) or site properties migration. Even if your original challenge is just a simple data migration, these added features will allow you to pile up on your savings over time and increase your overall OutSystems team performance.
Product based, extended corner-case coverageYesNoDMM is a software product, not an accelerator - we don’t “customize” the tool for clients, if a not covered configuration is found it is quickly added into the product to the benefit of all clients. DMM is the most used tool for data management in OutSystems, deployed in hundreds of clients and having performed thousands of migrations.

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Other Components

  • World Lookups

    With World Lookups the common data like lists of Countries, Regions, Phone and Postal Codes, Currencies, Titles, Languages, Banks, and others are already available for use, saving you not only time in the initial development, but also offering your solution the assurance of easy future maintainability!

  • IPA – Intelligent Performance Advisor

    Predictive performance insights so you’re not in firefighter mode! Real-time performance monitoring and SLA notifications for your OutSystems apps. Get insightful information and root-cause analysis of your apps performance, with both top-down and bottom-up abilities.