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Infosistema Performance Advisor goes one step beyond performance analysis

Our upcoming product is a fundamental key component for every professional OutSystems practice

Building on the expertise of Infosistema DMM (Data Migration Manager) and knowledge of OutSystems development and data structures, Infosistema Performance Advisor uses AI and Machine Learning to identify future possible performance bottlenecks not yet identified or detected, either related to algorithms, data or both.

Thus, Infosistema Performance Advisor is a critical tool for OutSystems practices, shops, and developers that want to guarantee a smooth operation of their critical apps.

As usual, the Infosistema Performance Advisor approach is built to require minimal intrusion or effort by developers and system administrators and yet provide deep and powerful insights.

We are launching a Pioneer Program where customers and partners retain a 50% discount on the regular price list by committing a symbolic amount of 500 Eur/USD until 15 Feb 2021. The amount is fully refundable in case you don’t want to subscribe to Infosistema Performance Advisor.

Please note that Infosistema Performance Advisor is expected to launch a public beta in the second quarter of 2021.

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