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What is the problem?

Companies need to move data between OutSystems environments regardless of the data’s location.

How do you do it?

Typically, you need a team that has in-depth knowledge of how your system works, of the database you need to migrate, and of the data migration process, not to mention the skills needed to do the work itself.

This could be a very costly, long term project.

You have to maintain highly skilled workers for a long period of time to accomplish this type of project successfully.

DMM is ready for all migration scenarios between OutSystems environments

DMM migration scenarios between outsystems environments

Infographic scenarios for migration on different environments

Take control with the Infosistema DMM

The data migration manager is a tool that will handle transferring your data from the Outsystems cloud to an on-premise location and vice versa in an autonomous and automatic way, without the need for any highly skilled labor/team of rocket scientists with months to spare.

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How to Set-Up DMM OnPrem / Cloud

In order to setup Infosistema DMM, you’ll need to have at least two connection strings to the desired databases.

If your environment is on your premises or in a cloud where you control the infrastructure, you’ll just need to involve your DBA to obtain those connections.

Infosistema DMM is completely agnostic about where the database is; it will work as long as it can connect to the database with the required permission set.

Limitations in OutSystems Cloud PaaS or Sentry

If your environment is in the OutSystems Cloud PaaS offering or Sentry offering, it will not be possible to setup Infosistema DMM out of the box, however. This is simply because you won’t have access to the necessary database connections as they are gatekept by OutSystems itself.

For the OutSystems Cloud PaaS offering, OutSystems provides out-of-the-box connections that can read from the database, so these environments can always be used as the source of a migration or an export process.


Migrating from an On Prem to an OutSystems infrastructure in Azure (controlled by your IT) is supported out-of-the box.

Migrating from an OutSystems infrastructure in the Amazon cloud (controlled by your IT) to an OutSystems infrastructure in the Azure cloud (controlled by your IT) is supported out-of-the box.

Migrating from an OutSystems PaaS environment to an On Prem environment is supported out-of-the box.

Migrating from an On Prem to an OutSystems PaaS environment is not supported out-of-the box.

Bottom Line

As long as there is a valid connection between your computer and your database server, the migration will be possible.

The DMM will connect directly with the database, solving any setup complexity or limitation

Why spend time and money on a project that will take months when you could use a tool to make all of this possible quickly and easily?

DMM Webinar

Data Import into OutSystems PaaS Cloud from Legacy Apps

 April 22nd, at 11:00 AM GMT

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