Human (Un)Cooperation is blocking AI

May 11, 2017

Infosistema has multiple projects running with AI. Running from Sales AI to Marketing we are increasing our investment in these areas. One thing is clear, AI means that computers hold more than information, they start to hold knowledge. And knowledge computers neither had before nor have been thought. Computer are starting to learn and create knowledge by themselves.
So, the role of us humans in IT and Business is how to teach computers to learn by themselves. And once again, as it already happened during industrial revolution, humans are being pushed to more challenging tasks.

AI will always be different from Human Intelligence


Gonçalo Caeiro
Gonçalo Caeiro – Co-founder & Chairman

AI is different from human intelligence in one critical aspect. Computers can exchange information much faster than humans. If we want to take advantage of that powerful bandwidth than we must start connecting better our enterprise information together, even between enterprises. (this is where the buzz word Cloud comes in).
That already happens in some specific scenarios, like Antivirus or Financial Fraud systems. But for the vast majority of enterprise day to day operations, executives still see more disadvantages than advantages in sharing information. Executives are afraid and usually not educated of the huge untapped opportunities.

We like to (re)invent the wheel

As a result, again and again, we are reinventing the wheel in every single company, wasting human capabilities doing repetitive and low added value tasks. As usual, the problem does not lie in technology, but only in humans.

If we want AI to learn more, humans have to learn to share more.

p.s. I’d love to connect and share the projects where we are engaged and share our accomplishments.

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