Infosistema and IDC Study Highlights Digital Transformation in Insurers

June 19, 2017

Most national insurers have already taken initiatives to digitally transform their business

digital transformationInfosistema, a national reference consultant in the implementation of Information Systems, in collaboration with IDC, carried out a study on “Digital Transformation in Insurance Companies in Portugal", to consolidate knowledge about the challenges of the market and the business sector change requirements.

This study allows to appreciate not only the state of maturity of digital transformation in insurers, but also the fundamental importance of the various dimensions of this transformation and the essential guidelines which, in turn, will help to bring organizations closer to success.

The study has showed that most companies in the sector have already achieved higher levels of digital transformation maturity than other companies and organizations, realizing that change is inevitable and integrating their IT objectives at project level, even if in short term strategies only. Still, it is crucial that organizations assess and monitor their maturity states and develop a plan to continue to incorporate, into the existing culture, the next generations of changes and developments in digital transformation.

Also, the study resulting from the collaboration between Infosistema and IDC is a valuable tool, since it presents a framework that allows to evaluate the degree of maturity of the insurers in the processes of digital transformation.

In short, as Abel Camelo, Manager of Infosistema, put it, “being able to turn information into a competitive advantage, combining digital and physical experiences to gain customer loyalty, while ensuring the agility and efficiency of operations, will tend to approach organizations that do this successfully. In a nutshell, the organizations that will excel in the digital economy will be those that put digital transformation at the heart of their corporate strategy."

For more information about the Study “Digital Transformation in Insurance Companies in Portugal", please click here: Digital Transformation of the Insurance Companies in Portugal

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