Infosistema in IoT Week Lisbon 2015

June 23, 2015

Infosistema takes part in the IoT Week 2015 in the Lisbon Conference Center.


It were two intense days, during the 17th and 18th of June…

Infosistema in Hachathon 2015

The IoT Week is a prominent event that brings together industry, research, innovation and policy around the theme “Internet of Things” (IoT) .

The IoT Week has been gaining importance since it first begun, and this year, Lisbon was chosen as the prime location for the event, which attracts experts in the fields of research, industry and innovation.

Infosistema took the lead and organized the panel “IoT in Banking & Insurance” , partnering with Hitachi Consulting to bring the audience a great talk about the subject.

The panel “IoT in Insurance & Banking” – IoT Week 2015, coordinated by Jorge Pereira (CEO Infosistema), promoted the debate and presentation of IoT application cases in the finance sector (Banking & Insurance). The panel of speakers was composed by well-known professionals of this sector (Generali España, Açoreana, Fidelidade, Banco BIC and Hitachi Consulting).

It was a great experience, that brought together new talents and the most experienced companies in the market around innovation and future!

Due Noticing: At the same time Iot Week was taking place, so did Hackathon 2015, an event held to foster creativity and present solutions around a technological challenge.

The Hackaton is oriented towards a younger audience (called “wizards” of IoT technology) with the specific aim of solving a problem in a set amount of time.

IoT Week Lisbon 2015

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Or you can check Iot´s Week website for more info: https://iotweek.org/

Or our partners in Iot’s https://www.hitachiconsulting.com/

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