Alignment between Information Systems and Business Strategy

May 28, 2014

Jorge Pereira has coordinated a study about the alignment between Information Systems and Business Strategy


Jorge Pereira (CEO and Manager of Infosistema), José Martins, Vítor Santos and Ramiro Gonçalves published a study entitled “CRUDi framework proposal: financial industry application”, in the May 2014 issue, of the accredited science magazine “Behaviour & Information Technology”

As the title states, this study contends the new CRUDi framework, which aims to improve the alignment between information systems (IS) with the business goals of the Organization, in particular, between CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and the management. CRUDi is part of the decision-making process, the identification of investment priorities and the presentation of results (taking into account the relative importance of each process to the business strategy).

Currently, the success of a business is interdependent with suitability, quality and reliability of information systems (websites, portals, applications, intranet, among others), which fit and support all aspects of organizations. More importantly, the survival of businesses is mutually dependent on good quality linking between information systems and management. In this sense, CRUDi framework can be highly relevant to the everyday life of business management.

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