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Data Migration
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Presenting DMM 6

DMM’s Forge component v6 now has a new module, Intelligent Performance Advisor (IPA), a new critical tool by Infosistema for OutSystems practices, shops, and developers that want to guarantee a smooth operation of their critical apps.

Besides this, you’ll also find 3 community requested new main features!

Main features of DMM 6

  • Incremental Migration: DMM is now capable of doing a delta migration, remembering what existed in the data source in a previous migration, and applying the now delta/difference to the destination (be it operations of deletion, insertion or updating of records) as the source changed since the previous migration;
  • Email Migration: when migrating BPTs, DMM can now also migrate all the related email information, including fields like To, Cc, Bcc, status, etc.;
  • Smart User Migration: now DMM can migrate just the Users/Groups that data depends on, besides the regular capability of synchronizing all Users/Groups between source and destination.

Improved features of DMM 6

  • Multiple frontend support: Infosistema DMM will now work correctly on a multiple frontend environment as the file system requirement was recently dropped (except for the Import/Export feature).
  • DMM DB Rest Driver: You can now set up any Infosistema DMM installation to be the source of migration without requiring direct access to that environment database. Infosistema DMM itself will become a proxy to its own database, accessible by any other Infosistema DMM installation.
  • Runtime Connection: We improved this feature’s support on cloud environments running OS11 and/or with Oracle databases. Infosistema DMM is able to use the underlying OutSystems Runtime Connection. Just pick the preset “Runtime Connection" from the dropdown menu to select it. It can be used with any of the following Infosistema DMM features: Data Migration, Data Export, Data Import, Data Scrambling, and Data Browsing. Using this feature will remove the requirement of a connection string with elevated privileges.
  • Secure Access: Only users with the role DMMOperator can access DMM’s OutSystems interface.
  • Data Deletion: Infosistema DMM is now able to delete entity data records in the target environment/database. This is useful for scenarios where you need to clear data before executing a migration or where you need to purge specific information from a database. This feature can be combined with the Runtime Connection and with the filtering feature.
  • Data Append Mode: Infosistema DMM can now append data to existing datasets without requiring identity columns for synchronization. With this mode, information from the source will be appended in the destination database and all constraints from the source will be assured automatically by Infosistema DMM. This mode can be used both in Data Migration and Data Import.
  • BPT Migrations: Infosistema DMM is now able to migrate BPT data between environments using the same user interface. All BPTs can currently be migrated, even those that are not linked to an entity.
  • Better and Faster: you can expect up to 7x faster migration speed due to internal engine changes.
  • Out-of-box support for OutSystems Cloud PaaS: the support for OutSystems in Cloud is now immediate, seamless, and effortless.