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The characteristics of our product for data migration and the added benefits of using it


DMM Professional

DMM Enterprise

Infrastructure and Pricing:  
Support OutSystems 8 to OutSystems 11 DMM can connect to databases in any version of OutSystems to migrate data from/to. The Forge component is always updated to the latest available version.
Support MySQL, SQL Server And Oracle Use DMM in any database supported by the OutSystems platform. DMM can connect and migrate seamlessly and without extra configuration between all of them!
Support any size and complexityDMM is field proven to migrate data up to hundreds of GB and hundreds of million records within thousands of entities, all in a single quick to setup and fast to execute process.
Support OnPrem, Cloud or mixed ScenariosUse DMM in any architecture supported by the OutSystems platform. DMM can connect and migrate seamlessly and without extra configuration between all of them!
Fixed and predictable subscription modelarrowarrow
DMM license activations per subscription (Activations are done in each Outsystem environment)
Up to 3Unlimited (*)
Support available from 9 to 18h WEST (JIRA support portal, email or call)arrowarrow
Execution Capabilities:  
The fastest data migration solution availableTested by 3rd parties as up to 46x faster execution than alternatives!
Migrate Data Between Outsystems instances (including between different OS versions, databases, cloud/onPrem)arrowarrow
Data Exporting from the environment and archive it or move it to some ETL procedureExport to flat CSV file.
Data Import from external sources into your OutSystems appsPlease check our “Data Import into OutSystems” article for details on how to execute this process
Online and offline executions (no need to stop the environment access)Your application can be always available during the data migration (or other execution types) process
BPT MigrationN/Aarrow
Data Deletion / Bulk DeleteDMM not only deletes selected data, but also guarantees data integrity in the deletion process by nullifying the foreign keys that may exist to deleted records
Secure AccessDMM follows the OutSystems security mechanisms
Data Browsingarrowarrow
Runtime Connection - The support for OutSystems in PaaS Cloud is immediate, seamless and effortlessarrowarrow
Data Append Modearrowarrow
Data Filtering to fine tune what is movedarrowarrow
Data Scrambling, Masking and Anonymization to change sensitive data on the flyAnonymized data is never copied anywhere.
Stand-alone scrambling, masking and anonymization for data at restarrowarrow
Data Ignoring to completely clear sensitive dataarrowarrow
Multiple OutSystems frontends supportarrowarrow
DMM database REST Driverarrowarrow
Incremental migrationThis is a unique feature of DMM, the capability of performing a delta migration. DMM will remember what was previously migrated from the source, and in subsequent migrations will update the destination with the changes that happened meanwhile in the source (updating, inserting or deleting records in the destination)
Email migrationIf you use OutSystems email feature in your BPTs, DMM is the only tool capable of migrating that information
Smart User MigrationWith this option you can circumvent DMM’s standard behaviour of copying ALL Users from source to destination, and have DMM only copy the users that the selected data depends on
Automatic Tenant Filtering in Data Migration & Data DeletionYou can always and in any version apply filters, but if you want to quickly define a tenant filter for all entities in a single step this is the option to use
OutSystems environment Health Check (for e.g.: FK Constraints, DB integrity, & other analysis capabilities)arrowarrow
OutSystems database Comparator5 different comparations are executed: 1 - Entity table records number; 2 - Entity table number of foreign keys with null value; 3 - Entity OutSystems data model; 4 - Entity table size; 5 - Entity physical table data model
Direct Export to non-OutSystems databaseExport your OutSystems data directly to another SQL database you own, and DMM will create and update the data model automatically and as needed by what is defined in you OutSystems entities
Take Snapshots of your database data for later import/resetarrowarrow
Migration of Site PropertiesN/Aarrow
Automatic Timezone offset in Migration executionsYou can setup an offset to be applied to all time fields in the migration automaticallyAutomatic Timezone offset in Migration executions
Scheduling of Migrations and Exports through OutSystems timersarrowarrow
Sequencing of operations (any number and combination of Migrations, Deletions, Exports, Scrambles) and automatic scheduling of such sequencesarrowarrow
Execution of operations (Migrations, Exports, Imports or Deletions) through API callsarrowarrow
Extensibility and reuse:  
Open UI that can be extended by the customerarrowarrow
Separation of configuration and execution phase (save configuration plans and reuse them, recurrently!)arrowarrow
Open Configuration file that can produced or changed outside DMMarrowarrow
Detailed log of executionsarrowarrow
Full audit of commands prepared and executed in destinationarrowarrow
Under the Hood:  
Automatic Dependency Detectionarrowarrow
Full support of static entitiesarrowarrow
User and groups synchronizationarrowarrow
Circular dependency resolutionarrowarrow
BLOB Supportarrowarrow
Maintaining record ID in migrations/imports (PK / FK values are kept equal to data origin; requires DB privileges)arrowarrow

* Additional payment maybe due for more than 3 activations per subscription/license