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Identify cybersecurity data risks within your OutSystems applications – and prevent them!

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Now comes with free Performance Advisor license!

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The Infosistema Data Migration Manager (DMM) is our tool for performing data migration in OutSystems environment.

Infosistema DMM will cut your migration time one hundred times, which is impressive. Plus, the product is purchased via a one year subscription and that’s it. There are no consultancy fees nor any hidden costs associated.

Below are some quick videos about the DMM you might want to see and a link to our youtube channel.

Spending too much Time Migrating OutSystems Data?

What is the Infosistema DMM?

How much can an error in production cost your company?

What if I have a mixed environment between cloud/onprem?

How much time and money does your company save by using DMM?

How to migrate Data in 60"

Ever wondered how is it possible to do a migration of data in such a short amount of time?

There are no tricks, click to watch a demonstration!

How to Scramble in 60"

One of the problems facing data migration is the sensitive nature of the information exchanged and how to accomplish this without compromising clients and their information.

See here how we do it with the DMM in a quick manner.

Scramble DMM

How do we accomplish the scrambling of sensitive information with the DMM? Watch on for a quick tutorial of how the tool works.

Infosistema Webinar Teaser

Available on-demand, our webinar that overviews our data migration tool, the DMM, for you to understand how it works, main concerns and how it can help your specific case. watch on for a quick teaser.

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DMM Webinar

Data Import into OutSystems PaaS Cloud from Legacy Apps

June 17th, at 04:00 PM GMT+1

Download DMM on OutSystems Forge

Other Components

  • Audit Register

    Create, manage and report audits and logs for OutSystems entities. A must have for compliance.

  • IPA – Intelligent Performance Advisor

    Predictive performance insights so you’re not in firefighter mode! Real-time performance monitoring and SLA notifications for your OutSystems apps. Get insightful information and root-cause analysis of your apps performance, with both top-down and bottom-up abilities.