Data Migration Manager


for partner internal use

Infosistema DMM for OutSystems

We are making easier for OutSystems customers to transfer and migrate data across servers, environments. We build Infosistema DMM so it makes data migration a complete trivial process, hiding all the complexity and corner cases into a off-the-shelve solution.

We have deployments across 4 continents.

Infosistema DMM offers an unique value proposition

  • ZERO services

    DMM has a 100% product approach

  • Budget Predictability

    Full transparent pricing. No hidden or extra costs. No services bill. No surprises.

  • Fast Deploy

    Download from Forge. Configure it. Run it.

  • SQL Server <-> Oracle

    DMM supports migrating data across RDBMS engines

  • OnPrem <-> Cloud

    Migrate from and to OnPrem and Cloud

  • Support for 9, 10 and 11

    We even migrate data across OutSystems versions

Case Study

Portmaster Data Migration at Hampton Roads Shipping Association

The employees can log in and view their information and assigned shifts. They also receive notifications, by email or SMS, whenever a shift is delivered to them with full details of the assignment.…

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Data migration between different environments through an easy-to-use visual environment

Support for detecting inconsistencies due to non-selected related tables

Filter selecting for the data migration

Data creation in the destination environment takes into account related entities and their interdependencies

Reporting of categorized errors that occurred during the migration process

Easily repeat the process after any issues have been validated and corrected

Download DMM on OutSystems Forge

Other Components

Audit Register – allows the registry of all information on record creation or record changes in your corporate applications.