Welcome to our DMM Partner Program

The DMM Partner Program aims to ease the access to DMM benefits.

We truly believe that better data management in the OutSystems environment will ease and increase the adoption of OutSystems, ease the task of development in OutSystems and create new opportunities to ease the test and development in OutSystems.

We created two tracks of Infosistema DMM Partner Program:

  • Distribution – The Distribution role aims those OutSystems partners whose customer would benefit from using DMM in a number of scenarios ranging from data migration, to data synchronization or quality and debug purposes. Because Infosistema DMM is a pure 100% product based approach, with no requirement for services, we never are a direct or indirect competition to partners. Infosistema DMM fits well in the OutSystems digital transformation services arena.
  • ISV – The Embedded role targets OutSystems partners that do have a product or solution. If you are a partner that sells and deploys a product then this is the ideal scenario. It allows you to embed Infosistema DMM at a heavily discount price, provided that you build a customized interface around DMM using our APIs but exposing the product using your own built interface.


  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction – Data is an essential part of the OutSystems world. Better managing the data for production, development or compliance is without any doubt a plus for your customers.
  2. Increase Revenue Stream – unlock immediately a new revenue stream with a high margin. Because Infosistema is a product requiring zero services it provides a quicker and simpler sales scenario
  3. Increase Project Productivity – The ability to include advanced data management out-of-the-box will free partner’s resources during project time from burdensome data management to actually create digital transformation. It allows shifting DevOps costs to actually deliver business value.
  4. Unlock Features Scenarios – DMM allows partners that build their own products to gain control of their data. Partners can now expand their offer and include data management services easily

How to Apply

Just reach us  and establish a dialog. You can be a Distribution or ISV Partner, or both. We just need to align the better strategy

Partner Program Cost

The following rules apply:

  • Distribution – Fee: zero. The distribution role only requires alignment on a first qualified lead.
  • ISV – Fee: annual 500 Euros. This fee is for administration proposes regarding license and support.

Partner Program Perks

Partners under the partner program will gain:

  • Exposure as Infosistema DMM Partners in Infosistema site
  • Access to Product Manager
  • Joint marketing initiatives
  • Technical support

Why is Infosistema DMM ideal for partners?

Besides the Data Migration capabilities, DMM is a native built Microsoft .Net with two major benefits:

  • Low AOs footprint. Only GUI and high-level management in those consuming AOs. TCO of ownership for customers and partners is very low.
  • DMM allows the highest data consistency possible, because it migrates even the tables PK and FK with the original value. That’s critical for performance and reference purposes.

Download DMM on OutSystems Forge

Webinar DMM Overview

Upcoming dates

July 10th, at 10:00 AM BST

Other Components

  • Audit Register

    Create, manage and report audits and logs for OutSystems entities. A must have for compliance.

  • Board Management Solution
    For executive boards, councils, and committees.

    Manage board meeting packs quickly and easily while ensuring compliance.


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