Infosistema’s DMM exciting new features in the latest releases!

March 18, 2020

Infosistema presents a new version of its flagship product DMM – Data Migration Manager, in order to make the user experience increasingly simple, quick and effective. The current version 3.3.2, features two major upgrades and several improvements!

  • Data Import Feature: It is now possible to import data from a zip file that was generated in a DMM export or in an ETL process upstream. This functionality will allow you to migrate data between OutSystems environments that are disconnected from each other (with two installations of the Infosistema DMM) or import data that comes from outside of the OutSystems ecosystem;
  • Structure Export Feature: You can export the OutSystems data structure and metadata to allow you to feed .csv files with the data you want to import into any OutSystems application. This export also includes data from some system tables that are used across: users, groups, user roles, etc.
  • Improved UI Components: solved some glitches regarding progress gauges that streamlined their look & feel. General style updates were also included;
  • Allow Chunk Sequencing: this site property allows chunks of data to be executed sequentially instead of in parallel, in scenarios where that behaviour is required;

Other new features included are improvements to the OutSystems UI and log information during the migration process, improvements to the UX, such as the ability to quickly select the app intended to migrate data (without the need to go into details like selecting eSpaces, entities, etc.), the new chunk migration performance feature , and support for MySQL databases (since MySQL support is to be discontinued in OutSystems 11, clients will need to migrate data from MySQL into Oracle or SQLServer when upgrading to OS11).

DMM is the go-to solution when OutSystems users face challenges like the below:

  • They want to have data available in the new OutSystems apps and so are migrating data from “legacy” apps (Lotus Notes, Access, VBA apps, PHP, etc.) into the OutSystems platform;
  • They want to avoid Production problems and extra time & costs in QA, and so need to have good data in Development & QA environments;
  • They need to upgrade their OutSystems version in a parallel environment – for example upgrade app by app and not the whole environment at the same time, or if there is some risk of having for a short period different versions in Development/QA/Production; or if they are using MySQL/Java stack and planning to upgrade to OS11 (having to change to SQL Server/Oracle and .NET stacks);
  • They have special backup needs, like a business critical app in a big multi-app OutSystems environment with a very large database, and their disaster recovery plan (DRP) needs a fast continuous information backup of just that critical app data;
  • They are changing technological stacks or architecture (Cloud <-> OnPrem; MySQL -> SQLServer <-> Oracle);
  • They have responsibility on performance or security of their OutSystems solutions, and so are executing performance tests and penetration testing (pentesting) in a non-Production environment;
  • They need to easily guarantee data cleaning processes (scrambling, anonymization or deleting) for GDPR Compliance and data privacy concerns in any environment (either proactively or due to client requests of the right to be forgotten, for example).

Bruno Costa, executive VP of Product Sales at Infosistema, says “We’re very excited about the latest updates! The data import feature is especially important, since it is something totally new in the ecosystem and allows us to reach more clients and use cases, increasing the OutSystems footprint with both new and existing clients of the platform! And although we are the fastest solution on the market, it’s good that we keep pushing ourselves to get even better!”

We will be hosting a webinar on April 22nd to go over these features. You can register here.
Also, Infosistema’s DMM has recently released a case study with GarantiBBVA, one of DMM’s loyal customers, which you can read here.

To learn more about Infosistema’s DMM, visit the website or the OutSystems Forge.

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About Infosistema

Infosistema is a Technology and Business Consulting company providing Systems of Engagement, Integration, and Advanced Analytics solutions to Banking and Insurance companies.

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About DMM

Infosistema’s DMM was developed to make it easier for OutSystems customers to transfer and migrate data across servers and environments.

Infosistema’s DMM was built to turn data migration into a trivial process, hiding all the complexity and corner cases in an off-the-shelf solution.

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