New DMM Module on the FORGE: DMM Quality Assurance

March 4, 2024

Elevating Software Quality

You now have on the OutSystems Forge a new DMM Application, the DMM Quality Assurance.

This low-AO count module can be deployed in your OutSystems PaaS Cloud Production environment as a Data Source, so other DMM applications (in the other environments) can use the DMM Quality Assurance application as a source for Data Migration or Data Export operations.

DMM Quality Assurance is to be used as a specialized tool and part of the overall DMM deployment for OutSystems applications, designed to optimize testing processes and enhance software quality – now with a reduced AO count.

We are also updating our standard DMM tool on the Forge (version 8.3.0 forward) separating from it the Performance Advisor component, so also reducing the “standard” DMM’s AO footprint in destination environments.

DMM Quality Assurance, by making Production data available, it will allow you execute a wide code-quality focused range of features:

  1. 1 – Improved Development Environment: offer your development team the conditions so they can work efficiently get the work done right at the first time.
  2. 2 – Performance tests: Perform specific tests when you introduce major features, but also confirm no minor changes will “break” your app usability.
  3. 3 – Pen Tests: Security tests will often imply data destruction or possible corruption, so execute then in an environment where penetration tests are free to do their worst, and guarantee they are the most comprehensive possible using data that is good in volume, variability and appearance to Production.
  4. 4 – Regression tests: Build your DevOps to guarantee that no new deployment will break or alter the behavior of other features in complex apps.
  5. 5 – Increased test coverage: Gain visibility into test coverage to identify and address gaps in testing.
  6. 6 – Save time in QA test-case creation: Over 20% of software development time can be spent in testing, save that time through scheduled updates of anonymized production data refreshes into testing environments.
  7. 7 – Increase deployment cycle speed: Get your products and new features faster into the hands of your clients, leveraging all of the above to positively hit your bottom line.
  8. 8 – Speed up your bug fixes: Never again have a back-and-forth with a client about how to replicate an error and that “it works on your side”, get the data into your development environment and so much more easily identify issues and correct them much faster.
  9. 9 – Automated Testing: Streamline testing procedures for swift and efficient execution with anonymized production data.
  10. 10 – Integration with OutSystems: Seamlessly integrates within the OutSystems platform, enhancing development workflows.

Benefits include improved OutSystems development efficiency, enhanced software quality, cost savings and faster deployment cycles.

By leveraging DMM Quality Assurance, development teams can expedite delivery timelines while ensuring the reliability and excellence of their applications!

Deploy DMM Quality Assurance for free from the OutSystems Forge page.

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