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Release Notes

Version 4.0.0

Available in OutSystems Versions: 10 | 11


Database: All

Stack: .NET

Release Notes

  • Runtime Connection: Infosistema DMM is now able to use the underlying OutSystems Runtime Connection. Just pick the preset “Runtime Connection" from the dropdown to use it. It can be used in any of the Infosistema DMM Features: Data Migration, Data Export, Data Import, Data Scrambling and Data Browsing. Using this feature will remove the requirement of the connection string with elevated privileges. The support for OutSystems in Cloud is now immediate, seamless and effortless.
  • Data Append Mode: Infosistema DMM can now append data to existing datasets without requiring identity columns for synchronization. With this mode, information from the source will be appended in the destination database and all constraints from the source will be assured automatically by Infosistema DMM. This mode can be used both in Data Migration and Data Import.

List of Dependencies

P10: – BigZip;

– ardoJSON;

– FileSystem;

– Lisbon Template;

– Silk UI Web;

P11: – BigZip;

– ardoJSON;