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Meetings Manager

Board Management Software

For boards, councils, management teams and committees of all sizes.

Create, manage, read and annotate meeting packs quickly and easily – centralize the whole process while ensuring compliance.

Why BMS?

The regulators and auditors for compliance in listed companies (OIG, ECB) define “reasonable oversight” for effectiveness of corporate compliance programs and recommend some of the “right questions” to ask the Compliance Officer.

Board Meetings can take some time and decisions may take too long, impacting execution and strategic goals achieved, or worst, implying penalties by regulators. This means accountability concerns must be raised and a good governance must be in place for the agendas of Board Meetings.

Target Audience

  • Board Members
  • Society Secretary
  • Executive Comities
  • Board of Directors
  • CIO

Benefits of a Board Management Software

  • Increased management control over meetings and content
  • Improved communication between attendees
  • Greater control at critical times associated with the meeting
  • Provision of Search Listings
  • Process Centralization
  • Reduction of effort and Cost
  • Process and Audit history Register Guarantee

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Board Management Software that transforms how you write, manage and read your board papers.

The solution also allows the record of the decision-making in the minute’s format, approved and “signed" by the stakeholders.

BackOffice Console for event creation, maintenance of user profiles, audit records checking (complete history)

Notification templates Management

Document, Executive meetings  Minutes and other orders information checking

Preview of the meetings Event List

Inclusion of the meeting participants, according invitation to confirm the attendance and themes submission

Notifications of the participants about changes or new submissions

Update and versioning of content

Documents and meeting outputs download

Management and Distribution of orders to the list of participants and identified elements

Minutes issuing and recording generated by the meeting’s cordinator

Interface to desktop and iPad

Document archive of the documentation generated, stored in the FileSystem server ensuring confidentiality and security in the access to the machine itself

Easy registration and consultation of the agenda

Sponsor notifications for decision follow up and execution

Virtual board meetings

Contact Form

Other Components

  • Data migration Manager (DMM)
    Did you upgrade servers, migrate apps but now you need to migrate the data?

    Allows the selection of multiple entities in the migration process through a dynamic selection screen.

  • Audit Register

    Audit Register allows the registry of all information on record creation or record changes in your corporate applications.

  • CoE (Center of Excellence)

    We support complex transformation programs in companies around the globe. The CoE now holds 6 dedicated Competences, leveraging technology projects together with business knowledge, soft skills, PMO and User Experience, in an environment of continuous learning and certification. We can also support our customers and partners building their own CoE.

  • Dashboard Developer

    Dashboard creation component can be dynamically configurable and associated with the user profile.

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